15 June 2010

Kennedy Brothers Manhattan Sex Parties? Download Ted Kennedy FBI File Here...

Ted Kennedy FBI File Contains Myriad Death Threats... 
plus Kennedy Brothers Sex Parties with Marilyn, Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr!

An amusing 1965 memo in the Ted Kennedy FBI file -released yesterday morning by the bureau- notes that a NYC woman reportedly had "considerable information" regarding Kennedy brothers sex parties... that can be seen below.
Other items of interest include an extortion plot involving obscene Polaroids of various Kennedys for $100,000; a"discreet" request from the Nixon White House for information about Mary Jo Kopechne's international travels, specifically Greece; a possible cross-bow assassination; and a purported 1980 murder plot uncovered by a Arizona man with "psychic powers."
Wholly unrelated events, but most seem to fit the Kennedy sex-booze-death theme present in most of their stories... as one might expect. And oddly, not much about Ted's trip to the Soviet Union in an attempt to derail Ronald Reagan's military buildup, as was exposed in a release of KGB files... I had hoped we'd see a bit more there.

While the source of the information re the Kennedy brothers orgies was not named it notes that Jacqueline Hammond, the wealthy ex-wife of a former U.S. ambassador to Spain, knew about the Kennedy brothers sex parties at the swanky Carlyle hotel (JFK owned an apartment in that Upper East Side building)...
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