30 June 2010

Phoenix Immigration Raid Reveals Safe House Packed with 51 Guatemalan Illegals

The AP reports:
PHOENIX — Authorities say 51 Guatemalan citizens were found in a drop house in southwest Phoenix on Tuesday.
Arizona Department of Public Safety officials say 44 males and seven females were found inside the house. The group included at least six children younger than 12.
DPS spokesman Bart Graves says Phoenix police followed a suspicious looking pickup truck with a large piece of plywood in the truck bed.
Police followed the truck and when they got to the house, officers discovered the people inside.
They were described as thirsty but in relatively good shape. It's unclear how long the group had been inside the house but authorities believe they were paying smugglers between $2,500 and $7,000 apiece.
Graves says two suspects have been taken in for questioning.