01 July 2010

Petraeus: Military Was NEVER Consulted on Afghan Withdrawal

Here's a brief video from General Petraeus' confirmation hearing this week.  In it, Sen. McCain draws him out on this disturbing fact: military never consulted on Obama's misguided and publicly-stated withdrawal deadline for US forces in Afghanistan... in effect a long, drawn-out surrender.
The plan basically amounted to a diktat from the WH,  a purely political decision- shedding much light on General McChrystal's statements and behavior. Obviously victory has little -or nothing- to do with Obama's plans and priorities... he still seems disappointed that we won in Iraq:

Now check-out a concise must-read how such ill-informed, politicized, and irresponsible decision-making by big-spending-lib LBJ cost us victory in Vietnam... numerous unsettling parallels drawn between that war and what General Petraeus is now facing in Afghanistan at Conservative Perspective -here-