07 July 2010

A Plague of Incurious, Liberal Know-it-Alls

Does it ever occur to them that there might be 
a reason for the things other people do?

Richard Pecore has an illuminating and insigtful piece in America Thinker today- sure applies to my personal journey and long-evolving political philosophy, and I'm sure some of this will sound mightily familiar to you...some excerpts (highlights mine):
Liberals feel compelled to tell us they know better, without ever asking a question. They do so without giving a second thought to why Conservatives might disagree or believe as we do. They do so without investigating whether our belief system might even be a better fit for them.

Having digested their entire belief system based upon liberal schooling and maintained their slanted viewpoint with liberal media, the idea that their own ideas could be misguided has never occurred to them. Their liberal mindset precludes that possibility because their entire ego is tied up in it. If their ideas are wrong then they are wrong and their words have no value. Questioning their own value system therefore, usually elicits anger or violence from them.

Instinctively, they know their reasoning is flawed and cannot stand up to the light of day. This is one of the reasons Rush Limbaugh enrages them so. The Press and the Left continued vilifying Ronald Reagan, even though he enjoyed immensely popular and was elected twice by landslides. Yet, they refused to acknowledge the country's wholesale rejection of Carter and of Mondale. So, the Left still fears to question their own beliefs and clings to the thoughtless, emotional arguments they were taught as young skulls full of mush.

Liberals would much rather lecture than learn. They feel they already know everything, and therefore, no longer need to learn. However, they also feel compelled to push their "wisdom" upon others - whether they want it or not. We see it all the time from Stewart, Garafolo, and Maher. 

Conservatives, on the other hand, know we never stop learning.

I have found that Conservatives usually arrived at their destination by long and arduous questioning of their own belief system. As I told a liberal friend of mine, "I didn't become a conservative by accident. It was a choice." We know that if our belief system cannot stand up to our own questions then it is of no value. Conservatives have this conviction because we have tested our theories. We have beaten the metal with hammer and tongs to remove the impurities and shape our armor. We know we are right because we have examined both sides. We found the Left dangerously lacking. Conservatism works. Conservatism offers real hope. Twenty years of unbroken prosperity under Ronald Reagan proved this in fact as well as theory.

The shortsighted liberal left, who fear questions, responsibility and honesty only slight less than they fear discussing real solutions to real problems, are hell bent on destroying this nation financially. Their own value systems and beliefs are the true culprits, but you can't convince them of that...
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