11 July 2010

Reaganite's Sunday Funnies

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-thanks as always to Pookie's Toons-

Reaganite's Sunday Funnies, conservative humor, obama jokes, political cartoons
Political humor, Reaganite's Sunday Funnies


Opus #6 said...

Great group of toons. Sad that Obama gives us so much material.

Christopher said...

My thinking was that of Opus, although funny, it is sad at the same time.

Reaganite Republican said...

Well, we're entering a 4 mo all-out political war right about now... it's like soldier's dark battlefield humor, it helps to laugh and maintain your sanity

Trestin said...

The unemployment line is my favorite.

rodwade said...

The wacky right wing is accusing Obama of trying to destroy capitalism, the very system that brought him great wealth, insane..

Amusing Bunni said...

These were SUPER Funny, RR! I needed some laughs. A great way to start the Sunday. I hope your weekend is going wonderfully! I'm trying to keep cool.

It is sad that obummer is so horrible, but he does give fodder for some super cartoons. We have to laugh or we'll cry! Battlefield humor, very fitting!

Reaganite Republican said...

They're just judging by his actions and ceaseless anti-business rhetoric, "rodwade"- as noted by Mort Zuckerman on MSNBC this week, where he called Obama the most hostile to business in history... and Zuckerman voted for Obama!

Obama is obviously a self serving ingrate, note how he dumps former allies when they become a political burden... what makes you think he's show appreciation for ANYTHING this country's done for him, including paving the way to the top with endless affirmative action favoritism and financial help?

He hasn't shown any gratitude to anyone or anything he ought to... narcissists aren't known for respectful gratitude

On top of it, Dear Leader hasn't the slightest clue how how all the wealth he enjoys was created in the first place... all he knows is it was handed to him and that must mean he's great or something

Anonymous said...

Too bad the voters are too dumb to vote for someone other than a Democrat or a Republican. If you limit your choice to Obama or McCain, might as well just jump out a window.

Maggie Thornton said...

Great line-up of really funny, funnies that hit the truth spot-on. I believe Obama is a Sociopath.

Lee Thomas said...

Barak Obama's Poll numbers are back up to 50 percent. This man could burn the flag on national TV and the press would get a tingle.

Im afraid that we have come to far and Obama knows it. That is why he is frantically putting the finishing touches on America with Obama care, Wall Street Reform, Cap and Tax and Immigration reform before the time is up.

We might or might not win back the house....Im betting we DO NOT. We will only win 5-7 senate seats. Not enough.

The Democrats will take that as a mandate and spend the next 2 years finishing off America.

We are already a socialist country......its just the slow process of regulating us to the point we didnt even realize it thats been so ingenious. Now that the finish line is here.

The sprint is on. Thats why this congress and this president have Blinders on and do not care what the nation thinks.

The Prize is nearly in hand.

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