11 August 2010

Barack Obama is a Freaking Train Wreck

A new, all-time low in Rasmussen's Presidential Approval Index today...and really tanking now:
Small wonder Dems on the campaign trail don't even want to be seen with the spontaneously-combusting Bolshevik Boy Wonder, to them he's become political poison... 
with "Obama" already a dirty word on the stump.  

Just twelve more weeks now before we set things straight... what we are witnessing today is the death rattle of the "progressive" movement in this country.  Rasmussen Reports 

Update: Van at Moonbattery put it well:

"Who would have guessed that electing an unqualified ultra-left community organizer with extremely unsavory associations President of the United States on the strength of his trendy ethnicity and having a name like a terrorist wouldn't work out? At least it didn't take long for most of us to recognize the error:"