20 August 2010

Egyptian TV: Encourage Your Children to Play Games that Prepare Them for Jihad!

The Egyptians are now headed down the same path as Hamas TV apparently, brainwashing children -along with their parents- as they prepare the next generation of bloodthirsty, embittered, and incorrigible lunatics for "struggle" with their perceived enemies- Israel and The West.

If these people had the pragmatic sense/organization/culture it takes to face reality... to improve, compete, succeed at something -and were able/willing to absorb Western business concepts as the Israelis, Finns, Koreans, and Japanese have done to such great effect- does anybody think there'd still be all this hatred and jealousy of the Jewish state?  Or if Israel was somehow as poor, oppressed, and miserable as they are in Cairo?

Of course not... widespread envy driven by their own incompetence, stubborn stupidity, emotionally-fueled false pride -along with a severe lack of self-awareness- are the true sources of anger on the Arab street, whether they realize it or not... and all the anti-Semitic temper tantrums and racial-cleansing fantasies in the world aren't going to change any of that.

Frankly, the only path to improvement lies in the Muslim Middle East getting it's act together across-the-board... as has been said re. the endlessly self-destructive Palestinians: "They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity".  

Repect is earned... not owed, capeche?

If the Arabs could only swallow their bloated, delusional egos long enough to see their serial failures for what they are -failure- and adopt the thriving democracy and free-market principles of their enemy, Israel- it would be a whole different ballgame.   Ever heard "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestinians...?  50 years of failure not a clear enough example, apparently.

Outside of organized mass daydreams and rabble-rousing propaganda/sermons, I can't imagine how any of Israel's neighbors would expect a brighter future based on the current model... it ain't working boys, so maybe it's time to buck-up, quit with the scapegoating already... and deal with it.

Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi: 

Nominal US ally Egypt received $1.6 billion in US foreign aid for 2009... maybe we ought to start asking just how much of that trickles down to those brainwashing their children to kill us... and exactly what else we're getting for it, if anything.