26 August 2010

GOP Primary Turnout Best Since 1926 . . . as America Moves to the Right

Conservatives head to the polls in droves... 
and 'Cuda puts on a dazzling display of raw political might

Asked about whether the GOP should move towards
centrist-RINO candidates and positions following the Democrats' substantial 2008 election gains, Governor Bobby Jindal spelled-it-out in an interview with Rush Limbaugh:

People need to look at the history of Ronald Reagan when he lost his first attempt at the Presidency (in 1976). He didn’t go back and say, "Let’s water down the conservatism. Let’s dilute what we’re saying." He made it even stronger. He made it even sharper. There’s a lesson there for potential candidates

We need to be principled in our conservatism. We need to be unabashed, unafraid. We won’t always be popular with editorial writers and a lot of the members of the national media, and that’s okay. At the end of the day, it’s more important that we stick to our principles.
Regardless of what inside-the-Beltway triangulators might try to tell you, Americans respect a principled conservative more than they do some squirelly chameleon... whether they agree with their views 100% or not. This was on display in Tuesday's primaries, where Palin's true-conservative allies continued to hand RINO opponents their hats... and coupled to the fact that  Republican enthusiasm outstripped Democrats' in a way that hasn't been seen in 84 years.

As Obammunist apple-polishers in the MSM frantically spin the GOP as being in a state of "civil war" between RINOs, TEA Partiers, and Libertarians... Carl Rove sees it quite differently: rather than destructive disarray, what we are experiencing in America today is a very positive churning of a newly-energized American Right as we assemble a winning team heading into November. 

Careers will be both made and terminated... but the resurgence of the TEA/Palin/Reaganite wing is all but undeniable now... and Sarah Palin's surely got the touch: