25 August 2010

Why Go Out and Vote for Some Fool Who's Just Going to Get Us All KILLED . . . ?

Liz Cheney's Keep America Safe grades each and every US House and Senate member on what kind of job they're doing in their most primary of duties... guarding this country against foreign military and/or terrorist attack-

Elizabeth Cheney

But if you've got some death wish or feel guilty about being an American -like so many quislings on the Left- and/or are possessed by some bizarre compulsion to surrender promptly to Al Qaida, then by all means vote to keep these sort of trembling jellyfish in office...

Meanwhile, the rest of us are going to march right-into that booth -just 10 weeks from today- and put the warped medieval malcontents of AQ and in Tehran -not to mention Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, and Kim Jong Il- on notice that we will indeed defend our national security and way of life... and fight them like tigers if necessary:

[Urgent note to Ron Paul Libertarians... wake up]

Those harboring any residual doubt as to the nature of the terrorist enemy would do themselves -and the country- a great service by self-administering a dose of cold reality, stat.  And what better way than the terrorists' own boasts of gruesome schemes already headed down the pike -here-

Know precisely where your own congresscritter stands at 
Keep America Safe -here-

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