06 August 2010

TGIF Rock-n-Roll Oldies: Canned Heat 1970

In a way you could be excused for thinking that they're from down on some swamp or something in Lousiana with their Delta sound... when in fact the band was formed by citified blues enthusiasts out in LA.

Best known for US/UK hits Going Up to the Country and On the Road Again, Canned Heat (named for an old blues number about an alcoholic who'd taken-to slurping cans of Sterno) really broke out big following a gig at the Monterrey Pop Festival in 1968; Critics raved best guitar team in the world and other superlatives- they then went-on to make history at Woodstock and pretty decent worldwide commercial success.

Yeah... the lyrics are sounding pretty socialist on this one, hmmm- but I can bear even that for three minutes of the best electric blues-rock anybody could ask for. Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson seems to have had the slide-guitar dialed, anyway- the solo's fantastic.

Let's Work Together is a reworking of a Howard Wilson song- also known for his classic hit "Kansas City"- While introducing the song on tour in 1970, Canned Heat insisted on a delayed launch of their single in the USA to give the songwriter's original version a spike in sales... that's  respect:


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