09 August 2010

What Ever Happened to 'Joe Democrat'?

Fueled by the doctrine of class warfare, it denigrates and demonizes all opponents, all who dare to differ..."

A letter to the editor of The Journal News (northern suburbs of NYC) was written over 5 years ago, yet this common-sense patriot saw it coming--  a harsh reality now dawning on millions of Americans as they watch their country taken apart piece-by-piece... 
Question: Where did the Democratic Party that millions of us grew-up with go?

Answer: It morphed into an amalgram of special-interest groups that promotes an ultra-left, ultra-liberal agenda smacking of socialism, Marxism, and nihilism. Fueled by the doctrine of class warfare, it denigrates and demonizes all opponents, all who dare to differ.

The party used to house conservative, centrist, and liberal wings. Today's Democrats in the House of Representatives are unarguably dominated by a powerful majority of the left.

Many political observers link the sharp left turn to 1972, when Democrats nominated George McGovern for president. A WWII bomber pilot, a decent man, he was deemed by the electorate to be weak on defense, and he lost to Richard Nixon.

In the 1968 presidential race, VP Hubert Humphrey was the Democrat's candidate. The most visible and outspoken liberal in American politics, he was honest, honorable, and decent, devoid of a vicious, mean spirit that defines today's liberalism. Humphrey never took the low road, never screamed "betrayal" as Al Gore did, never called a sitting president "thug" or "murderer".

He wouldn't have sanctioned a Hollywood gathering of foul-mouthed Bush-haters making lewd, disguisting references to their president. John Kerry enjoyed this venemous sputum, calling it the "heart and soul of America."

Me? I'm  the guy who voted for Democrats Humphrey in 1968, Lyndon Johnson in 1964, and JFK in 1960. Yes, dear hearts, I wasn't always critical of the Democrats. To echo Ronald Reagan: 
I didn't leave the Democratic Party; it left me.

My immigrant parents believed int the greatness and goodness of America. As NYC working-poor, they gravitated to the Democratic Party. They were for FDR, Truman, and Adlai Stevenson, but when Republican President Eisenhower was speaking, we all gathered in front of the black and white TV. In that living room there was respect and civility because the president, our president, was speaking.

That nuance of a former time has undergone a malignant sea change. The current assault on George Bush features a litany of hate-filled ad hominems that transcend civil debate and is unworthy of Americans.

Strange, when we were growing up, we didn't view moral people who believed in God as dangerous fanatics. That's the party's nihilism I referred to in the opening paragraph. Anyhow, hang this one on a former Democrat,  former liberal-voting Jewish man who had his "epiphany" 32 years ago.

-Myron Hecker, NYC-

And lest there be any residual doubt, 
Obama is a communist... -here-