29 September 2010

Unabashed Marxist Van Jones Warns: The TEA Party Aims to Control Your Life!

And he says it with a straight face... (almost)

Matt at Conservative Hideout 2.0 dug up this telling clip yesterday (video)- just listen to this propagandist spin like the Tasmanian Devil, good grief.  When you get the gist of where where he's is coming-from, the level of power once bestowed upon Van Jones by Dear Leader is unsettling to say the least.  And how can we forget the truly pathetic performance as Obama's "Green Jobs Czar", where Jones pissed-away $60B... while creating no jobs?

Besides the repetitive drone of threadbare racial themes, this latest spiel betrays textbook-case liberal projection, having the audacity to claim in alarmist tones that the TEA Party -a loose alliance of Constitutionally-aware patriots- aims to control our lives... is this guy for real? What Obama and his army of Czars lack in competence, they make-up for in unmitigated gall. 

But as anyone who hasn't been living in a cave for the last two years can tell you, it's the Obama Administration itself that consists of the worst liberty-trouncing control freaks this nation has ever endured. Matt at Conservative Hidout 2.0 notes that their repressive agenda is the one diametrically opposed to the freedom and liberty this country is based-upon (central tenants of the TEA Party movement):
"Well, I think the most important thing for us to understand is that sometimes you vote your hopes... and sometimes you vote your fears. In 2008, we where able to vote our hopes, we were able to stand together, across party lines, across racial lines, really for the first time in American history- and say "we want to go in a new direction".

And as the President has said, "that was a changing-of-the-guard... now we have to guard the change".

And, the challenge we have now is, is that..., this that this election is feeling more fear-based, and, uh, what we got to realize is, that is... support us, because if you think things are bad now, just wait until these people screaming at these TEA Party events are in charge of your government, actually in charge of your life, actually in charge of your kids' future, that is... maybe you've got some hope-fatigue, but you've got plenty of reason to be fearful enough (laughs)- to stay involved, to get involved.  

I don't think you want the TEA Party running your community, running your family, running your government."

-Van Jones
Meanwhile back in reality, I'd like to say this 9-11 truther-weirdo Van Jones just doesn't get what the TEA Party is all about...
but he knows,
 lying Bolshevik piece of crap.