11 September 2010

WE WILL NEVER FORGET: Nine-Eleven Edition

Attn Readers: this is 2010's piece...
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At 3pm today in Manhattan at Ground Zero -Park Place and W. BroadwayPamela Geller and Holland's Geert Wilders will be speaking at the Rally of Remembrance... not just a memorial event, but meant as a powerful protest message that badly needs to be sent to the fifth-columnist dopes (Bloomberg, Obama) aiding and abetting the construction of the outrageously offensive and ill-advised Ground Zero mosque...

More on today's event at Atlas Shrugs -here-

Conservative Pup takes an original angle In the Moments Before 9/11 -here-

Adrienne's Corner has more 9/11 photos to remind us of just what they did to us... astounding so many seem to have forgotten already -here-

Amusing Bunni's Musings  posts 9/11 eyewitness video... then offers an apt prayer -here-

Mind Numbed Robot provides reportage on Alan Keyes stand against proposed Flight 93 Memorial's seemingly Islamic crescent moon in the symbol... -here-

The Camp of the Saints -this week's RR Featured Blog, and never one to mince words- states with typical lack of unambiguity that All RINOs are just Flat-out Losers -here-

No Sheeples Here is doing an incredible job with Project 2996, honoring the many victims of the 9/11 Al Qaida terrorist attacks...and all archived right -here-

Caught Him with a Corndog then offers another take on the 2996 theme: For the Friends I Never Met -here-

Maggie's Notebook finds Obama shrinking David Plouffe's Organizing for America dramatically... but just what are these two electoral hustlers up to now -here-

Government Mess has some exceptional 9/11 "I was there" video -here-

Jumping in Pools' Michael Avitabile says that nine-years-on, we ought to be  ashamed... an excellent post with which I fully concur -here-

The Lonely Conservative takes a concise look at 9 years after 9/11... and  a little bit of what's actually going on at the site -here-

The Current caught Obama trying to slither-away from blame already for a growing ObamaCare backlash... what a little worm -here-

Conservative Hideout 2.0 has some mind-blowing pics of Manhattan on 9/11 -here-

Innominatus looks at Obama's bitching about being "talked about like a dog"... I don't know what his problem is, you'd never hear me bad-mouthing my dog like I do Obama -here-

Conservative Perspective says not only "never forget"... but "never surrender..." -here-

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