11 October 2010

North Korean Heir Apparent Makes Grand Debut at Massive Military Parade

Kim Jong Un appears live on Nork TV for 1st Time 
before thousands of goose-stepping soldiers

At a massive ceremony in Pyongyang, North Korea yesterday, Kim Jong Un -favored son of Stalinist dictator Kim Jong-Il- reviewed a massive military parade alongside his father in a ceremony dedicated to celebrating the 65th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers Party of Korea. 

The younger Kim's appearance in front of 20,000 troops, heavy weaponry, and huge crowds came two days after a senior official appeared to confirm that he would be the secretive state's next leader:  "Our people are honoured to serve the great president Kim Il-sung and the great leader Kim Jong-il. Now we also have the honour of serving the young general Kim Jong-un." he was quoted as saying on Friday.

The Telegraph:
The presence of senior Chinese officials and rarely-invited foreign media at the weekend-long celebrations further confirmed that Kim Jong-un was being anointed in public. 

Until a few months ago, Kim, the third and youngest son of Kim Jong-il, was all but unknown, both to the outside world and inside his secretive homeland. But with his ailing father, who is believed to have suffered a stroke in 2008 and who now walks with a pronounced limp, desperate to ensure that a third generation of the Kim family succeeds him, the Swiss-educated Kim Jong-un, has risen rapidly in North Korea's hierarchy. 

Last month, he was appointed as a 4-star general and as vice-chairman of the Workers Party's central military commission. Despite Kim Jong-un's lack of experience in government, his succession seems to have been approved by China, North Korea's only true ally, which fears instability in the DPRK will lead to a flood of refugees across its borders.

Those poor bastards better hope this kid did something other than ski and chase blondes in Switzerland, because the mess he's about to inherit is a decrepit economic basket-case ten times worse than East Germany ever was. 

And despite the rhetoric, the South Koreans want little or nothing to do with fixing this penniless Stalinist hell- they couldn't afford to absorb it even if they wanted to. East Germany bled the West white, and it's still just limping-along. And South Korea is no Germany, either... hard to see how reunification will ever work there, really-


Anonymous said...

This family went from running North Korea to just figureheads 20 years ago when the old man died

It's the military that controls everything, including the Kims, in Pyongyang

Matt said...

I wonder if the older brothers are still living, and if they are, are they a tad bit miffed that they got passed over?

Reaganite Republican said...

The oldest one got caught trying to sneak into Tokyo Disneyland with a fake passport, then deported to China- humiliating both countries, and permanently destroying his hopes for the job.

The 2nd one is "girlish" and unfit for leadership, according to Kim Jong Il. I read he was treated in Europe for some related hormone troubles, poor guy. For a secretive hermit kingdom, this kid sure had the most embarassing personal problem all over the net.

And according to Kim Jong Il's former personal chef and hunting buddy, this youngest son is a chip off the old block, "exactly like the father"- a shoe in

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