12 October 2010

Obama's Illegal Immigrant Aunt Shows You What She's All About . . . and Him Too

Granted asylum and still living off taxpayers thanks to her nephew's powerful position... meanwhile President Obama
-who wrote fondly of her in his book-

treats dear Aunt Zietuni like a leper he's never even met

Any residual pity or sympathy you may have harbored for the plight of long-time illegal alien and 2x-deportation-order-defying Zeituni Onyango vanishes the minute she opens that dopey mouth... if you can even understand her.

Interestingly, this Judge Shapiro that granted her asylum earlier in the year is the very same one who's previous deportation order she just completely ignored... that's some change of heart there, eh?

And it's not all-powerful, multi-millionaire Obama that should be lending her a hand, it's us!  Just listen to the sense of entitlement coming from this mooch... the United States sure doesn't need to be opening its arms to any more ingrates of her ilk:

And now that we're stuck with this insolent parasite, why does the President refuse to even lift a finger, maybe make her an asset to this country- or at least no longer a drain -after a freaking decade on public assistance already? You'd think Obama would want to set some example here... and after-all, ole Aunt Zeituni made that illegal contribution to his 2008 campaign with her welfare check... she's already shown her loyalty, lol.

But consider that a narcissist like Obama can often be callous, even ruthless. They tend to lack empathy and/or a conscience. This is evident in his complete and total lack of interest in his own half-brother who lives in poverty in Kenya... as-well as this aunt found living illegally in public housing in Boston.

Barack Obama, who lives in luxury
-golfing, taking upscale vacations, scarfing lobster-
, who raised half a billion dollars for his campaign, a man who drones-on-and-on about how he values his heritage, always playing the role of smiley family man... has no concern in the plight of his own relatives? The same cherished kin he made a special "roots" trip to Africa to see and introduce his then-fiancée Michelle to in the early 90s? 

This is likely not a difficult decision for him, as these relatives can no longer be used in attaining his own ends... therefore their fate doesn't interest Obama in the slightest. They are truly nothing to him, as is likewise the case with most everyone else who's not of immediate or potential utility to this
malignant narcissist madman.

None of this should surprise anyone who's been paying-attention to the abhorrent progressive  era... cult leaders aren't known for their empathy.

-h/t Roberto-

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