09 November 2010

America's Timely and Abrupt About-Face

Nice to see the country snap-out of it...

November 2008:

November 2010:

Eventually it was going to take more from this smiley plastic mannequin than just campaigning, schmoozing, and pontificating. And ever since, it's been nothing but failure.  

But if the MSM are too busy propping him up to see it...
it's become plenty clear-enough to the rest of us:

Rasmussen Reports:

Jan 22, 2009:              +30 %
Today:                          -18 %
Change:                      -48 %

Generic Congressional Poll:             

Jan 25, 2009:  Dem    +6 %
Today:              GOP  +12 %
Change                      -18 %

January 2009:              40.9 %
Today:                          36.3 %
Change                       -4.8 %

(nearly 5% of voters actually quit the Democratic party)

Thankfully, much of this also translated into historic GOP gains a week ago today. This occurred with sufficient gusto to overcome most election fraud of the kind that put the widely-despised statist fossil Harry Reid back in office... more on that today at Mind-Numbed Robot.