10 November 2010

Deranged Anti-Saline Zealot Michael Bloomberg Declares War on Soup

Self-righteous nag Michael Bloomberg is spending taxpayer money to protect New Yorkers from their lunch yet again... 
no problem tho with an appalling victory mosque to be built right on the ashes of Ground Zero -funded by terrorists- and named after the Muslim capital of conquered Spain... makes sense!

But in the name of fiscal discipline, he's only blowing $130K of city money on Operation Chicken Noodle... we'll be picking up the tab for the rest: 

New York Post:
Mayor Bloomberg's latest health campaign -- cutting salt intake -- has targeted soup as one of the big sodium offenders to be taken down with new city ads. The ads, which will be plastered on subways for the next two months, feature a half-opened can of soup with a geyser of salt spewing from the top and forming a heap around the can. 

Trying to put fear into the hearts of salt-aholics, the ads will warn that excessive sodium "can lead to heart attack and stroke" and list average amounts of salt in various foods, such as salad dressing and frozen pizza. 
The campaign costs $370,000 -- $130,000 of which comes from city taxpayers. The rest is covered by the federal government, a city Department of Health spokeswoman said.

It's not hard to see how such a misguided control-freak with an affinity for spending money we don't have on liberal vanity programs might find an ally in Barack Obama... but somehow, they didn't quite hit-it-off... seems Dear Leader just doesn't play well with others:

The Caucus:
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York apparently made some not-so-nice remarks about President Obama to a fellow billionaire, Rupert Murdoch, who passed it along to an Australian newspaper. 

The mayor allegedly said that Mr. Obama was the most “arrogant man” he had ever met, according to Mr. Murdoch — that despite having been invited to play golf with the president on Martha’s Vineyard this summer...

Bloomberg may be a bit of an odd duck... but  he surely knows people -and arrogance- when he sees it. And just consider the strength of that statement: how many people do you think this billionaire/celebrity/mayor has met over the last 50 years...?

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