05 November 2010

Looks Like Somebody Called the GOPs...

'bout time this town got itself a sheriff 

The incoming Republican House Ethics Committee is already telling the Obama Administration to prepare to be investigated (highlights mine/WOIA via Lonely Conservative)... it's a whole different ballgame now:
The San Antonio, TX Congressman who is in line to become chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee is promising 'a number of investigations and oversight committee actions' which he vows will 'hold the administration accountable,’

Veteran Republican Lamar Smith, a Yale graduate and social conservative who grew up in the brush country of south Texas which is now transit point for illegal immigrants and drugs, said in a news conference that a number of issues will come into the sights of his committee when he takes the chairmanship in January, from cracking down on child pornography to taking the Obama Administration to task for failing to do enough to protect the southern border. 

Smith says it is his Constitutional duty. "Part of that checks and balances is in fact holding the administration accountable, is in fact insisting on more transparency, is insisting on more honesty, and getting the facts," Smith said. "Right now, because of the one party monopoly, the Administration has been able to dodge any kind of supervision, any kind of oversight committee action, and they refuse to testify, and that is no longer acceptable."

And on the verge of the GOP obtaining something they haven't enjoyed for years -congressional subpeona powers- the Chicago racketeers currently occupying the Oval Office have already been warned don't even think about shredding any docs...

Republicans are likely to urge the Obama administration not to shred documents as they transition to the House majority. Before the election, GOP officials on Capitol Hill privately discussed the issue but refrained from publicly tackling it, not wanting to assume what would happen on Election Day.


Now that Republicans will control the House, the shredding matter will move front and center. …Darrell West, a political scientist and director of governance studies at the Brookings Institution, said Republicans likely will formally ask the administration not to shred or delete any relevant documents that could be requested in a congressional probe. “That’ll happen right away, because they want to make sure that the documentary record is preserved so that they have something to investigate,” said West. 

So at long-last let justice -and papers- be served!