08 November 2010

Mean People Causing Misunderstood, Magnanimous Genius Obama to Fail

'Mean' = Republicans and/or uppity taxpayers

If there was any doubt remaining as to whether Barack Obama was actually the detached narcissist many have long warned of, the bizarre denial, deflection, and spin coming from him in the wake of the Dems' crushing midterms defeat should do much to clear up any ambiguity.

Unsettlingly, this is a man who simply does not appear to learn from error -his or anybody's else's- a catastrophe in such a powerful executive position, but a personality flaw typical of those who dodge responsibility for the results of their actions while surrounding themselves with obsequious bootlicks-
(as narcissists are so apt to do).

Toby Harnden (Telegraph/UK) says Obama's now got himself believing that the little spanky he got last Tuesday was about anything but his own liberal policies... and that this enduring, delusional belief in his own greatness will likely be be his political undoing (highlights RR):
Barack Obama struggled to explain the disaster that had befallen his party – and his presidency. The man who ascended to the White House through his soaring oratory spoke with all the passion of a regional sales manager addressing a gathering of disgruntled customers.
After an hour, the White House press corps managed to extract what they needed. The Democrats had suffered a "shellacking", he admitted. Four times, Obama used the words "take responsibility". Towards the end, he managed to feign looking disconsolate, even crestfallen. 

But Obama's response to loss of more than 60 seats in the House of Representatives and six in the Senate (the biggest congressional elections defeat since 1948) was the opposite of taking responsibility

He had been so busy responding to an "emergency situation", he said, that he had failed to explain the wisdom of his policies. He was sympathetic, he said, to those who felt his agenda had been "looking like potential overreach" – a lawyerly utterance so hedged with qualifiers that it was virtually meaningless. 

Americans had not "felt" the progress achieved due to his actions. There had not been "as much progress as we need to make" and in some areas he should have "pushed harder" for more progress. 

He was happy to work with Republicans, he explained, provided they had suggestions for "improvements on the progress that we've made". 

The one thing Obama was not prepared to admit was that his policies, which have led to a massive expansion of government power and the national debt, could in any way be at fault. The problem with health care reform, he said, was that the process used to achieve it was "an ugly mess" – no mention that it was hugely unpopular and pushed through on a partisan vote without a single Republican legislator's support...

In-addition to such habitual dishonesty -ends always justify the means for the leftist- Barack Obama simply does not care who disagrees with him -even a majority of the nation's electorate- and even less why.

Rather -like most insular, incurious libs- he looks down on you for being such an unenlightened provincial... yet not without some pity:
Obama is not about to move to the centre. Whereas Clinton was an instinctive "Third Way" centrist from the South who had wandered too far Left, Obama is a standard-issue liberal of the type found in Ivy League commons rooms. 

Nothing in his career indicates he is ready to cut deals with political opponents. He is sure what he believes is right; if you don't agree with him, he pities you for being so slow to understand.

Then Gateway Pundit has a clip of Obama's spiel on 60 Minutes last night where he actually tried to blame the GOP for the voters' backlash against ObamaCare... utterly shameless. And not just with this wild fiction in general but with myriad inaccuracies employed to support the assertion:
Barack Obama: “I made the decision to go ahead and do it. And, it proved as costly politically as we expected. Probably actually a little more costly than we had expected… Partly because I couldn’t get the kind of cooperation from Republicans that I hoped for. We thought that if we shaped a bill that wasn’t that different from previous bills that had introduced by Republicans, including the Republican governor in Massachusetts who’s now running for president, that we would be able to find some common ground there and we just couldn’t.” 

Here are a few points regarding his statement: 

- The health care bill was passed before not after the unpopular financial bill. 

- Mitt Romney is not currently running for president. 

- We’ve never been a bill like this proposed nationally unless you count Hillarycare. 

- Obama was pushing the bill for over a year before democrats rammed it through. 

- It was the central focus of his first two years in office. 

- They didn’t even read the bill. 

- Democrats thought it would be more popular by the midterm election. 

- His other emergency economic proposals were complete bombs, too. 

 Of course, Steve Croft did not bother to question the president about any of his inaccurate statements...

And while the President doesn't seem to want to see it this way, most of the country that isn't irreversibly sucked-in or co-opted by this confidence-trickster blames him directly -Barack Obama- for the greatest midterm defeat in 60 years... including a significant portion of his own now-greatly-diminished party -here-

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