09 November 2010

Establishment Wakes and Smells the TEA: Republican Freshman Kristi Noem to Join Congressional Leadership

Smart move, Mr. Speaker...

In a savvy political move also indicative of the growing respect the TEA Party constituency has garnered, GOP House leaders say they will grant incoming freshmen far more say in the party’s direction than most first-term lawmakers receive...

House Republican Leader John Boehner and his No. 2, party Whip Eric Cantor, will notify newly elected Republicans Tuesday that one member of their class will get a seat at the leadership table and another two will be given spots on the Steering Committee, which decides committee assignments and chairmanships in the new Congress. 

“The incoming GOP freshman class will have a larger voice at the leadership table and on the Steering Committee than previous GOP freshman classes in previous Congresses,” according to an advanced copy of the letter. Members of the class will run for these positions, along with those of class president and freshman representative to the policy committee, on Nov. 17 after the entire Republican caucus selects its leaders for the next two years, according to the letter. 

With 80-plus new members, the freshmen class will be an influential group. Many claim strong ties to Tea Party activists who bickered frequently with the party establishment in the run-up to last week’s midterm election. 

Messrs Boehner and Cantor and others have promised to make sure these newly elected lawmakers play a prominent role in deciding the party’s path forward. 

The letter to freshmen is signed by Mr. Boehner, the Ohio Republican who is in line to be House speaker, and Mr. Cantor, the Virginia Republican who is expected to become majority leader in the next Congress.

Interestingly, South Dakota's new US Congressional Representative Kristi Noem -who is often compared to The Arctic Fox herself- has thrown her rancher's hat in the ring. And according to Neil Cavuto's sources, she's already got it bagged:

Two of the sources said that South Dakota's Kristi Noem- has expressed interest in the leadership post and appears to have the backing of the current GOP leadership.
A source close to Noem confirms that she is interested in the leadership slot and has talked to several members of the Republican leadership about it.
Noem would have to be elected by the freshman class of Republican House members.
If she got the spot, it could help the new House Republican majority with two issues: bringing someone associated with the Tea Party movement into the leadership fold, and adding another woman.

Kristi Noem is a true Reaganite conservative who's quite telegenic and well-spoken... Gipperesque, even.

Rep-Elect Noem actually holds the all-time fundraising record for GOP congressional challengers, and it is impressive indeed for a Capitol Hill rookie to be offered such a position of influence and power from day one.

She's good...very good, and has GOP rising-star written all over:

This is the new face of the vehement and tireless patriotic opposition you needlessly created out of thin-air, Mr President...
coming to getcha.

So have you ordered the MSM/HuffPo/Kos scum that prop you up to get-on with the Palinization yet...you sniveling coward?

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