02 November 2010

Taking-Back What's OURS: Final Predictions _______then Take Our Reader Poll______

The day we've all waited for is here: the ropes are drawn, and knives are honed... light that angry-villager torch and let's roll!

Even pessimists such as Curt at Flopping Aces are thinking something like a 50-seat gain, well beyond the 40 required for the GOP to wrest control of the US House of Representatives- the certainty of which intrade has at a rock-solid 95%.  

And while the more convinced bloggers and pundits envision potential gains of up to 70 seats, consider this: Michael Barone and Dick Morris both feel that polling has grossly underestimated the conservative wave that's sweeping this country. To them, this means the real possibility of 100+ House seats gained: the largest mid-term gain since 1894- with the GOP whipping-out a royal flush and nabbing the Senate!

As for myself, I'm trying to be vigilant against conservative complacency -and anxious to overwhelm the margin of Leftist fraud at the polls with a large turnout.  BUT, the Right -and many Independents- are plenty fired-up, and we'll all be out there voting... to the tune of, I'll say, 80+ House seats- yes we can!

The Senate?  With a little luck... maybe.  But Morris, Barone, and myself aren't the only dreamers out there: intrade's got the odds on Dem Senate control plunging to 45%.  How about that... all these guys betting money on the upper house going to the Republicans... do they know something the pollsters are missing? 

And what do you think?

So don't forget to get out there and vote... and do bring your Bible-and-Gun-clinging reactionary buddies with you

Election updates here at RR throughout the day...