15 November 2010

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: WHY is Marco Rubio Backing John Cornyn for NRSC Chair...?

Whadda-deal for John Cornyn... 
what did the kid get us in return?

That's right... the same John Cornyn that tried -and failed- to screw-over Rubio in Florida by putting-in the fix for Sunkist Crist is now running unopposed... and Marco Rubio reportedly supporting his bid to remain NRSC Chairman!

Predictably, conservatives aren't taking the news too well...

Other McCain:
Sen. John Cornyn is expected Tuesday to formally make a bid for another two years as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. 
GOP sources confirm to CNN that the Texas Republican will put his name up for nomination for re-election as NRSC chairman, as the Senate Republican Conference meets behind closed doors. According to the sources, the two-term senator is not expected to face any opposition in his bid to remain as NRSC chairman, and has already secured the support of a number of new Republican Senators, including Marco Rubio of Florida, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Rob Portman of Ohio, and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire. (CNN)
Are you freaking kidding me? Marco Rubio supporting that treacherous bastard who tried to put the fix in for Charlie Crist? 

An unsettling development to be sure... but consider this: 

In the House -ever since John Boehner and Eric Cantor made the wise move and good-faith gesture of offering TEA-Party-propelled rookies a place at the table- there's been a spirit of deal-making in the air... culminating in a sudden about-face by Mitch McConnell as he pivots to support Jim DeMint's earmark ban. 

Did ole Mitch see the light? Doubtful... more like the writing on the wall, TEA Party power has got these ossified DC pachyderms back on their heels now. As Sarah Palin says, the GOP must join the revolution... or become irrelevant.  A pragmatic deal was made in the House to avoid party infighting and get on with the vital business of saving the country... and in the process, the Republican Party.

So... just what deal did Rubio and other freshmen Senators make to support a man who tried -and failed- to destroy their rise..? Must have been something significant put on the table to snuff all challenges just like that...  or so logic dictates.

And is Rubio really that malleable and unprincipled as to sell-out before he's even seated?  I for one don't think so... just doesn't make sense: he already beat the NRSC, Dems, and Charlie Crist handily, coming from behind to whip them all.... why should he fear Cornyn now?

There has got to be more to this one... and the genuine grassroots conservatives that put Rubio if office need some genuine answers.

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