15 November 2010

Devious Lame-Duck Dems: This is Why Companies Don't Allow Fired Employees to Stay Another Month to Pilfer and Sabotage

Operative word for conservatives: vigilance
The so-called progressives aren't done with 
their date-rape of this country just yet...

As legislators return to the Hill today, don't let the reported "slow start" to the congressional lame duck session lull you into complacency... rather expect the worst and keep your guard up for a sharp left-hook at anytime over the coming weeks. 

From it's deathbed, the fading Obama-Reid-Pelosi triumvirate is apt to ram-through anything they can get the votes for: it's not like they'll be restrained by any scruples- and you already know what they think of your opinion

Aided by highly-suspect delays in Illinois, "progressive" Democrats in the Senate do appear to have been laying the groundwork for one last assault on our freedom 
-and pocketbooks- with a final "screw you" to an America that clearly can't get rid of them fast-enough...

Bruce Walker at American Thinker (highlights RR):
Now, in a lame duck session of Congress, Obama and his Leftist pals are already finagling the rules of democratic process. Senator-elect Kirk will not be sworn into office because undisclosed Democrat functionaries in the bowels of Illinois state government cannot find the paperwork

Oddly, though this duly elected Republican will not take office before the lame duck session begins, Senator-elect Manchin and Senator-elect Coons, both Democrats, will be sworn and serve in the lame duck session. The malodorous stench of hack partisanship is repulsive, but also familiar when Democrats are in power. 

What could a lame duck session do? It could do anything

House members already voted out of office in Red districts need not fear the wrath of the voters. Fifty-nine senators will be close to cloture strength, with "Senator" Manchin and "Senator" Coons voting while "Senator" Kirk waits for a file clerk in Springfield to find that darned missing paperwork needed to swear him into office. 

So all the great evils we feared from Obama can be done in a single day by a Left massively repudiated by the voters...

With 59 Democrats in the Senate, the GOP will be trusting Massachusetts' Scott Brown to sustain a filibuster. But given the weight of the highly-controversial bills that could conceivably be brought to a vote -such as the amnesty-granting DREAM act- conservatives should try to avoid counting solely on Senator Brown to deliver us... especially since the guy's not all that conservative anyway.  

Consider that while the Big Red Wave was washing across the nation earlier this month, all ten Massachusetts congressional seats remained in Democrats' hands- an event that may have a skittish Brown -with an eye on 2012- tempted to side with Obama on some issues. He's already done it in previously, though you'd think that the good Senator might be more of a stand-up guy than to enable such a shameful parliamentary stunt...

The Daily Collegian (highlights RR):

Although the state’s many committed moonbats don’t know this, Scott Brown is a liberal – albeit wealthier than the barn coat and old truck routine would lead one to believe. 

He rejected Sarah Palin’s and the Tea Party’s endorsement last year. He refused to appear with them on Boston Common in the spring for fear of ostracizing Massachusetts largely anti-Tea Party electorate...

In addition, he fully supports many liberal causes. These include legal abortion and the 2006 Romneycare initiative, which essentially required that all Bay State residents secure health insurance – privately or through the state. He also split with his party to vote for President Barack Obama’s financial reform and jobs bills earlier this year. 
Other than the symbolism of telling Washington that America didn’t want Obamacare, we haven’t seen much out of him. Essentially, Brown is keeping a low, uncontroversial profile. Two years isn’t enough to quench his thirst for higher office. 
I have little doubt that he has White House aspirations, and upsetting blue voters before he secures a full six-year term is not on his agenda.

In addition to the amnesties and spending you might expect to be forced-upon us, Obama recently stated that ratification of his criminally naive trust-and-no-need-to-verify START treaty with Russia is a priority... while to those with any strategic sense, the deal is a big mistake.

What's a concerned patriot to do? 

Put pressure on the ones who still have something to lose...

For instance, in the process of triangulating to get himself elected interim-senator, Joe Manchin (D-WV) promised he would not be a rubber stamp for Obama- and he faces re-election in 2012. This man must be held to his word by the good people of West Virginia.

Senator Nelson of Nebraska should also be watched closely... his part in the Cornhusker kickback scheme was not popular with his constituency, nor is the ObamaCare legislation is served to enable. Watch your step, Senator- we are.

Democrats from Bush-Republican states facing voters in 2012 -such as Webb (Va), Tester (MT), Bingaman (NM), McCaskill (MS), Nelson (FL), Sherrod (OH) and Conrad (ND)- need to be made sufficiently aware that they will be marked for elimination if they dare vote for for cloture in a lame duck session. Rather, we expect them to be respecting the will of the people and condemning the appalling Chicago Machine corruption that is keeping Senator Kirk from voting.

Those facing re-election in 2014 may also be reminded that we won't forget any affronts to democracy. Eleven Senate Democrats from Red states who perhaps could use a tap on the shoulder from their constituents include Begich (AK), Pryor (AR), Udall (CO), Landrieu (LA), Baucus (MT), Sheehan (NH), Udall (NM), Hagan (NC), Thompson (SD), Warner (VA), and Rockefeller (WV).

Contact your Senator quickly and easily -here-

And what they need to do is simply take a page from the smooth career path of Obama himself by voting "present" on all cloture motions... at least until the Democrat-run government of Illinois has time to scare-up those misplaced certification forms. You know, the ones that were NO problem when Blago picked Burris to be senator- and he was in DC the next week.

American patriots need to swamp these Dems with emails, phone calls, and letters to make sure they will indeed be held to account for their actions... whether in two years or four.  If the Democrats continue to refuse Senator Kirk his seat, the only possible vote that still respects democracy is "wait until January" to floor any controversial and/or unpopular bills.

But the most important thing for them to know at this time is that siding with Reid and the radical Left in disgraceful, anti-democratic lame duck maneuvers will surely sound the death knell for their political career- and they'd best believe that.