16 November 2010

WH Insiders: Obama Completely Losing It

Say, is that officer carrying the nuclear football armed...?

We were all haunted by the thought of the malignant narcissist Americans made the most powerful man in the world possibly driving his country right over the abyss... same as most of them do once they reach the pinnacle of power and the luck runs out.  

But while many of us knew Obama was a kind of a calculating/power-mad/sinister megalomaniac from the start... now faced with serial failure he simply cannot endure, that frail mental state has decomposed at an alarming rate... rapidly digressing into an antisocial-and-delusional crazy-crazy. 

Hannity's WH-connected sources tell him Obama is completely withdrawn... can't stand Biden... is paranoid... hates everybody... and hides in his bunker watching ESPN all the time.  

Sounds like the boy's barking mad already...

God help this country- Intrade might want to start a play on if he even makes it to 2012... Obama's not just discredited and dysfunctional, but dangerously embittered... detached... and seems to spend most of his office hours looking for enemies to blame.