29 December 2010

America's Spiteful, Anti-Semitic, Market-Riggng, Commu-Nazi-Athiest "New God" Now Launching US Prisoners' Rights Campaign

Hey Boehner and McConnell... you got the cojones to 
bring this character in for a few questions...?

In the wake of the ever-outgoing Charles Manson getting his cell-phone taken away by ruthless class-oppressors at Corcoran State Prison, hardcore lib kooks like Van Jones, Noam Chomsky, and Professor Michelle Alexander have signed a "statement of solidarity" with striking Georgia inmates as they ramp-up a racially-charged "prisoners' rights" offensive in this country... and with a little help from their friends:

...“mass incarceration is the new Jim Crow,” ... “Like the old Jim Crow, this system serves to perpetuate institutionalized racism, economic inequality, and political disenfranchisement.” 

In other words, the criminals who prey on society are now the victims. 

This Marxist clap-trap actually takes the form of a book, The New Jim Crow, by the aforementioned Michelle Alexander, a former ACLU official who won a 2005 “Soros Justice Fellowship,”...

Soros has provided the bulk of the money behind a well-organized “criminals lobby” in the U.S. that is working to make “prisoners’ rights” into the next big cause of the liberal-left. 
The leading name on the “Statement of Solidarity” with the prisoners in Georgia is a controversial organization, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), which usually defends accused Islamic terrorists. It is an off-shoot of the National Lawyers Guild, which was once officially designated a communist front and still remains the American affiliate of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, the old Soviet front. 

To show their solidarity with the Marxist terror networks that bombed police stations and killed police officers in the 1970s and 1980s, the CCR’s board and staff recently took out a full-page ad in a “commemorative solidarity booklet” distributed at a memorial service for the dead Communist terrorist Marilyn Buck. It described her as a “fierce warrior, human rights defender and fighter for justice.” 

A member of the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army, which carried out a robbery of a Brinks truck in 1981 that killed two policemen and a security guard, Buck had been serving a prison term in California for her involvement in a long list of terrorist crimes. These included the Brinks heist and helping convicted killer Joanne Chesimard escape from prison. Chesimard fled to Cuba, where she is now living under the protection of the Castro brothers. She killed a New Jersey State Trooper and the FBI is offering $1 million for information leading to her apprehension... -World Tribune-

How deeply disturbing it is that so many of these dangerous anti-American individuals and organizations are somehow associated with Barack Obama and/or George Soros... who millions of trendy/niave morons recklessly made the most powerful men in the world in 2008:


Adrienne said...

..."millions of trendy/niave morons recklessly made the most powerful men in the world in 2008:

That is the real scary part of everything that is going on. A bunch of white people who thought they were "making history" and a bunch of black people who thought they were going to have their mortgages paid and their gas tanks filled.

Reaganite Republican said...

Exactly, and too lazy to do any real DD, rather just swallow whatever the MSM spoon fed them.

Many treated it reality TV, they just wanted to vote in the guy they thought was cool or something- and that's what really makes one fear for this country. Hopefully most will learn the lessons Carter taught my generation

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

RR, Your summation was excellent!

Jesus had the line "Forgive them for they know not what they do" (not verbatim) but He was speaking on ignorance. In this situation the voters CHOSE not to know which is deemed stupidity.

Now considering those two we come up with the old adage; "Ignorance I can forgive, stupidity I cannot" which is exactly what I adhere to.

Reaganite Republican said...

Right on Christopher

Einstein said:

"the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius is limited"


Matt said...

Excellent work RR. These people are openly Marxist, and there is a trail of breadcrumbs the size of boulders leading to the White House.

Steve Dennis said...

The signs were all there, we knew that he had these questionable associations but we were branded as racists for questioning him. If the people had looked into this man's background he never would have been elected, but they ignored it because voting for Obama made them feel good and now our greatest fears have been confirmed.

Reaganite Republican said...

I agree in full Matt and Steve- in a way I wish we hadn't been right, what a disaster

I started this blog the day after the 2008 election, purely in frustration of failing to snap otherwise sensible individuals out of the trance in time- you simply couldn't reason with them

Randy-g said...

Prisoners rights are now more than they should be. Better meals than many, health care, libraries, exercise rooms and on and on and on....Yea they are locked up, LOCKED UP FOR A REASON! These leftist creatures are like maggots on rotten meat, they are growing in number and need stopped.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

I think there a couple of states that allow felons to vote from prison. Nevermind that they have committed crimes against society.

The Obama associations are terrifying. I have the feeling there is so much going on in the background that we cannot comprehend.

The video say Soros has been at the White House at least 4 times, so we know Obama takes his calls. The call record needs to be disclosed.

Very good piece RR. Things we need to know, so we can wonder what in the world we can do about them. Being aware is the first step.

Trestin said...

How do we get rid of his influence?

Reaganite Republican said...

Thank you Randy, Maggie, and Trestin

Have a happy and safe New Year's, moderate alcohol and no fireworks on my end- we're just launching a couple Thai lanterns and that's it lol

Doomed said...

I continue to encourage everyone to contact their local newspapers. Attend local government meetings. Attend your school board meetings. Talk to friends and families. Send links to people showing this kind of stuff.

We must push back locally. Time is running out. We have slept for 50 years while the commies have been infiltrating everything including trying to convince us that SExual perversion is none of our business which is nothing more then a GODLESS AGENDA assault on the basic fabric that holds America together.

RMcDinGa said...

I was searching the web to actually get a clue as to the "Reality" of the current State of OUR Union. I typed "Defunding America"; and I landed on your site. I thought it was a satirical attack on us conservatives. Nice surprise!
First, I was in total agreement with the notes above. Second, this has to be the most emotionless, dispassionate yet delusionally egotistical person to have been elected as "Leader" of our Republic! If you let me spend 1MIL of your money, a freeze would be a joke! Paul Ryan, direct,on point!A brilliant man! God Bless this Nation! The Outlaw Bluesman

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