28 January 2011

How on God's Green Earth is Barack Obama Like RONALD REAGAN?

Hey MSM Dinosaur Media: 

Yeah, he LOVES Ronald Reagan... that's why he mocked the Gipper's 92-year-old widow his first day in office... please.

After failing to destroy the Reagan legacy -as a rallying point for conservatives- with disinformation, historical revision, and what have you over the last two years, the old-guard liberal propaganda organs have switched tack and mounted a shameful coordinated effort to co-opt the Reagan legacy, basically just stealing from the groundswell of pro-Reagan sentiment his 100th birthday is sure to generate... and all to prop up this arrogant, incompetent radical they stuffed into the White House. 

Back in reality, Reagan was a Constitutional, small government conservative and military hawk... liberal pacifist and pro-Islamist Barack Obama couldn't be more opposite on policy if he tried.

Results, you say? Reagan created 20M jobs, won the Cold War without firing a shot, and gave this country eight of the best years it's ever had... now just an ancient memory in the grimmest depths of the Obammunist era, one which so closely resembles the daunting mess Jimmy Carter handed Reagan when he entered the Oval Office in 1981.

Ronald Reagan would surely find the Obama agenda repulsive... it's everything he ever warned us about, and more. And ole Dutch has got to be spinning in his grave at 10,000rpm to have the media trying to rape his legacy, and to aid an anti-American Trotskyite like this one.

President Reagan was tall, like Obama... once lived in Illinois... and liked sports- and that's just about it. The Bolshevik Boy Wonder is clearly no Reagan… and regarding issues of judgement, principle, character, political courage… and true leadership? 

This habitually dishonest Alinskyite punk Obama couldn't hold The Gipper’s jockstrap.

TIME Magazinego to hell...
you absolutely disgust me

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