21 January 2011

Paul Volcker Quitting Team Obama... to be Replaced by GE's Jeffrey Immelt?

The last remaining Obama advisor who's not a banker -or totally in the banker's pockets- is now bailing...
President Barack Obama announced Thursday that former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker was stepping down from his role as head of an outside panel advising the White House on economic policy. 
The White House order creating the panel expires on February 6 and sources said Obama plans to reconfigure it to focus more on business outreach. General Electric Co. chief executive Jeffrey Immelt is seen as top candidate to head the new board.

Jeffrey Immelt!  Isn't that special...  CEO of the same General Electric who set up MSNBC as a blaring Obammunist propaganda organ and anti-American smear machine... same GE who Obama spoon-fed business deals straight from the Kremlin and now the Chinese. Immelt is already on another WH board, but now moving yet closer the the den of the beast. 

Immelt's GE has also been heavily criticized by FNC's Bill O'Rielly for questionable deals with Iran... gee might that have something to do with Obama's serial appeasement of those hate-soaked apocalyptic savages.

General Electric -although highly profitable and in little risk of financial collapse- also took $85B in TARP funds... and since they're not a bank, GE exploited loopholes in the legislation to do it.  Looks like they know which buttons to push when dealing with depraved political racketeers like Barack Obama, too.

And why might Volcker be headed for the exit? The former Treasury Secretary -the man credited with taming inflation during the Reagan Administration- has been unhappy deferring to other less-qualified Obama advisors such as Geithner and Sumner, and long doubted the influence his Economic Recovery Board had on Obama policy- if any.  Sadly, the presence of Paul Volcker now appears to have been just window dressing, adding a facade of credibility to an otherwise dubious bunch under Turbo-Tax Tim. 

And who needs to be hanging around this crew when the dollar crash comes, anyway? Good time for Mr Volcker to head for the hills, perhaps- nobody down there was listening to him anyway.

Note this story of Volcker released at 12:15 am on a early Friday morning... typical news dump re. anything less than flattering to this vile Obama regime.