13 February 2011

John Bolton for President...?

Cornered and asked at CPAC if he's running, foreign policy master John Bolton said "I'm thinking about it... and by that I mean I'm thinking about it": that is, he's truly undecided at this point and not merely being coy.  Bolton added that there's a number of factors to consider, and he's in no rush... could even toss his hat in at the end of the year.

While noting that he's never run for public office in his life, Bolton stressed that his mission would be to bring the foreign policy debate "front and center"... forcing not only GOP candidates to articulate positions, but the White House as well.... as they appear to have no clue:

Although John Bolton has long had his reservations regarding the Obama Administration's hare-brained foreign policy, the pitiful performance in the Egypt crisis seems to have created almost a sense of panic: even Bolton's in shock at diplomatic bungling that he called "hesitant, inconsistent, confused... and just plain wrong". 

He went on to call Obama "weak" and "indecisive" on foreign policy issues, and when asked specifically about the revolution in Egypt, Bolton was blunt to his CPAC audience: "We don't have the leadership in the White House that can deal with it".