22 February 2011

Libya Update: Gaddafi Bombs Own Capitol as Loyalists Shoot Anything that Moves (video)

'Leader of the Revolution' appears on Libyan state TV 
while bodies pile-up in the streets of Tripoli... Libya update

Libyan TV

Anyone -like myself- wondering if Muammar Gadaffi's warped son Saif al Islam Gaddafi was just blustering on Libyan TV -wagging his finger while threatening "a river of blood" emanating from "civil war" fought to "the last bullet"- got their answer last night in the form of a gruesome ongoing massacre inflicted by military/security/militia loyalists upon their own countrymen...

Saif al Islam Gaddafi

There's reportedly been bombing of funeral processions and civilian areas of the capitol by fighter jets, while on the ground militias and security personnel are enforcing a de facto 24-hr shoot-on-sight curfew... even sniping at ambulances. Conditions in the Libyan capitol Tripoli -the regime's traditional stronghold- were described by fresh refugees to Malta as "warlike-"

This morning brings gruesome reports of bodies just laying around residential neighborhoods of Tripoli, many had bled to death on the spot- small wonder the regime's enforced an all but total news blackout and crashed telephone as well as most internet service.

The battle for Libya's second city though -Benghazi- appears lost for now for Gaddafi, with any military units that didn't withdraw now deputizing townspeople and arming the protesters. Even missiles had been fired at a funeral here, but there is currently no government resistance in this sector as rebels patrol the town allied with army defectors and their weapons.

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