21 February 2011

Windmills Gone Wild!

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For an administration that loves to drone-on-and-on about how they make decisions based in "fact" and "science" -rather than outdated concepts such as honor, common sense, morality, or patriotism- Team Obama sure don't seem to have much of an appetite for facts of the unwelcome variety, now do they- 

Take the collapse of the always-shaky argument for 'action' (read taxes and crony capitalism) to 'combat man-made global warming' -triggered by the the exposure of massive academic fraud: still not enough to shake Obama and the 'progressives' off a scam that means SO much to so many:. Genenral Electric makes the windmills, Al Gore writes the books, and the evil titans of American industry get controlled/taxed to death... what a gig

And just like the Gaddafis... these racketeers aren't letting go without a vicious fight, either: thus ceaseless threats to inflict cap-n-tax by regulation and/or executive fiat. 

But the "science" stinks like trash-truck juice, as we currently find ourselves stuck at 10% unemployment... the industrial Rust Belt in a death spiral... gas prices soaring... mired deep in a stagnant recession that appears headed for a double-dip... all while buried in snow up to our freaking ears.

How is it that anybody still welcomes this dubious agenda rammed down our throats at the worst possible time... besides Obama, California Internet barons, ossified hippies... and GE ? 

And not only is the entire case for globaloney unsettled at-best, our nation's electrical grid is in no way suitable for widespread wind-power generation and /or Chevy Volts... no matter how much Obamabucks are thrown around, the infrastructure just isn't there.

Then there's the practicality of the technology in it's current state of development...

Here are some photos of what happens when transmission failures occur in windmills- it's said that no single windmill gear oil has been developed that is able to withstand the demands of these beasts. While the degree of the challenge is unconfirmed, recently, the government gave Dow-Corning a grant to work on it, and they claim to have made progress. Others have previously attempted... and failed.

And thus -in combination with with complex maintenance issuesthe problem...

Hello up there, that you Al...?
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