06 March 2011

ANYbody but Obama... Please!

Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit):
"I would vote for a syphilitic camel over Barack Obama in 2012, so therefore I would even vote for Huckabee or Gingrich.

But I might try to talk the camel into running one more time..."

Ouch- doesn't say much for those two, does it. But at the same time I was just yesterday thinking along those very same lines... anybody but Obama:



Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Well RR it is obvious, at least at this point, that there will be somebody but just who that is remains an issue.

I too would take the camel over the RINO's mentioned but would prefer American Bison as they do not spit and live in desert's.

Good Ole Boy said...

Duncan Lee Hunter the only real conservative running in 2008 that would of gotten independents and moderate Dems to vote for him. Solid on no amnesty and border security, pro gun, fiscally conservative,was for rebuilding the manufacturing base for security and GOOD jobs. Down the line just what we need. He might be cajoled into running if supported.

Ann Coulter and other real conservative organizations backed him in 2008. He is the very best man out there and you won't have to hold your nose when you vote for him like McCain or any of the others talked about.

joetote said...

As I feel the Newtster is unelectable because he is just another retread (Sorry Newt. I think you're great, but the fact is many people besides not agreeing with you also feel you as any elected official at this time is part of the problem) I really would like to see Alan West or Herman Cain run Impressive as hell and both would fight the good fight. Also, like Reagan from what I can see they are great communicators and can get their message across!

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