27 April 2011

Morris: It's Going to be Trump, Gingrich, Huckabee, or Bachmann in 2012

You can pretty much forget about 
Romney, Pawlenty, Cain...Palin, too

Dick Morris on Hannity:

Donald Trump: "the issue has become 'is there a candidate that really knows what he's doing (competence)?'... "... and when you compare a guy who's made a billion dollars from dealing with the Chinese, who's got a net worth of seven, eight, ten billion- who's created hundreds of thousands of jobs, against a community organizer... that's a pretty good fight."

"... the issue is the economy, the issue is the whole country falling apart...and our whole economy going socialist. And you can't ask for any better spokesperson for the free-market... economic laissez faire "WIN" system
-and American exceptionalism
- than Donald Trump.  

If anything, he's a winner... and ultimately right now the United States needs a winner."

Michelle Bachmann: "What a refreshing candidate- intelligent, savvy... a tax lawyer... the only one who had the guts to vote against that phony deal that Boehner put down with Reed and Obama... a charismatic candidate."

Mike Huckabee:"I think Huckabee has a tremendous capacity to win, because he's really had the most exposure. He's shown himself to be a very likable, charismatic, warm, values-oriented person who's incredibly knowledgeable..."

Newt Gingrich:  "...if we could ever get Newt Gingrich as the Republican nominee against Obama in a debate- everybody would pay to buy tickets to that"

"You have the intellectual thinker... but everyone's concerned about his negatives... he's got a year."

Mitt Romney: "He's the only one I'm actually opposed to, because of his position on health care- and I think what he did in Massachusetts pretty much disqualifies him."

"I think he was proud of the bill (RomneyCare) until a year ago."

Sarah Palin: I think Palin can't get in if Huckabee runs and/or Bachmann runs... both have a superior claim in Palin's base."

"I think Palin's great... but she has so much baggage that's been piled on her by a sexist, outrageous liberal media..."

Morris also added that Pawlenty and Santorum really don't have a prayer (ironic for an evangelical lol)... too much competition out there (contrary to popular belief)- got to think that rules out Herman Cain, too.

And I would add that there is very little daylight between what Dick Morris is saying this week and my own thoughts on the race... except for that I don't find Newt or the Huckster particularly impressive as candidates.

Interestingly, he also sees Obama facing a troublesome 2012 primary challenge from a left he went and got all riled-up... only to completely disappoint them on the HC public option and in never-ending military action overseas.

Expect Dennis "The Menace" Kucinich coming hard at Obama's now-widely exposed left flank...

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