21 April 2011

Obama Regime Issuing Gasoline Coupons

These government-issued coupons are good for one gallon of gas at most retailers...  I myself recall seeing them, but until recently never realized their actual worth...

You may yourself have a couple laying around-- just a heads-up, now is the time to use them before they lose their value:

Just as you were warned back in January... 
except instead of four bucks a gallon it's FIVE-
and we could be looking at six this summer.

Obama's all upset about it -here-

h/t Speedunque


Jester said...

Where's the 24-7 deafening media blitz over this? Where's the loud top-level MSM/Democrat/Progressive/Liberal condemnation? Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Adrienne said...

I usually agree with Dave Ramsey but today he gave a bit of a talk about people whining over the gas prices. Essentially he said if you're earning 50 or 60K, paying an extra $100.00 per month for gasoline shouldn't be that big of a problem.

What he missed is the person who only makes 25K is going to be hit really, really hard by these gas prices. And I question his $100.00 extra figure, too. We hardly drive anywhere and our gas is at least an extra $100.00 so someone that has to drive a bit of a distance 5 or 6 days a week is going to use up TWO days earnings per week just for gas.

On the other hand, I hope it does go up just to bring down his poll numbers even more.

Reaganite Republican said...

Yeah, I guess it doesn't matter what Dave Ramsey thinks... almost every penny effects the economy of the US, based on energy cost more than most others.

How anybody would seek to justify soaring gas prices that could have been avoided for the most part -with unemployment stuck at around 10%- doesn't know how the economy works- not this one, anyway.

What he's saying makes sense, but it's $100 a month going to Big Oil and OPEC... and not on something that might create a job Stateside.

And encouraging expensive energy at such a cost to Americans for some abstract green agenda is just another way Barack Hussein Obama is raping this country to make his twisted self feel better for five seconds

Small wonder I'm cheering Trump on- SO sick of this nut having WAY too much power... and abusing it

Proof said...

Up until 2009, higher gas prices were caused by the president and vice president manipulating the markets to help their friends. (Or so we were told.)
Since so many poor people are friends of Obama, since 2009, higher gas prices must have been caused by the president and vice president manipulating the markets to hurt their friends.

Oh, yeah. That hope and change!

Reaganite Republican said...

Yeah Proof, I'm sure all those folks Obama's going full-court-press to addict to welfare by 2012 will have no problem scraping up that 45 Large for a Chevy Volt... ill-destined POS that it is

Matt said...

This will be the end of Obama. No matter how much the media ignores it, and no matter who or what the Dems blame, people are going to think about the price at the pump and the price at the checkout line when they vote in 2012.

objectivist said...

When gas prices are high, the public will certainly not look kindly on the incumbents. Let's just hope that the fury is directed at Obama and not the Republican House (which Obama will certainly try to orchestrate).


Reaganite Republican said...

Matt and Objectionist, agreed and right on

That war in N Africa won't help one bit, neither

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