25 April 2011

Teetering Assad Regime Moves to Crush Revolt with Infantry, Tanks, Snipers (video)

"No humanity left in Syria"

Syrian troops reportedly entering Deraa, Syria this morning (YouTube)

The British government has now advised UK nationals to "get out of Syria while the airlines are still flying" as the utterly ruthless Baathist-military regime seeks to destroy the uprising without a trace of mercy...

Over one-hundred civilian protesters were slaughtered on Friday in what appears to have been a turning point for government opponents, as they're quickly ramping-up their demands from simply increased freedom/rights to a complete overthrow and inglorious end to the vile Assad dynasty.

Following government snipers' potshots on funeral goers on Saturday -killing twelve more at least- and rampant ongoing disappearances credited to the secret police, the Syrian Army has for the first time joined the battle alongside state security services as they seek to attack protesters at the heart of the uprising early today with infantry, armor, and heavy weaponry. This a harrowing development for the opposition, who had hoped to this point that the army would not get involved.

Shooting and house-to-house searches were reported as troops enforced a 24-hour curfew by shooting at anything that moves, some even fired holes in water-tanks atop homes to deprive the citizens of water. The southern border with Jordan was sealed, electricity/communications cut.

Thousands of troops backed by tanks rolled in as loudspeakers warned the locals in Deraa in the south of the country as well as Douma -a suburb of the capitol, Demascus- to stop all forms of protest... or face the consequences. Sadly, five bodies have already been spotted piled in a car in the outskirts of Deraa today... 

But reportedly thousands are still pouring into the streets,
 and army defections already rumored.  


LibertyAtStake said...

The sad thing is this one might be the one that actually merits US intervention under the considerations of Real Politick - the Assad family has been a consistent enemy of US interests and is very cozy with Tehran.

But the Barry admin has everything so upside down, we're better off hunkering down and dealing with a further unstablizied Mideast down the road, once we have adults in the White House.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Reaganite Republican said...

Hey, I like that Obama script-graphic ha ha ha

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

If you start a revolution ... blood will follow.

Reaganite Republican said...

I thought John Bolton put it well when he said re. the Muddled East- "You know, street demonstrations do not necessarily lead to Jeffersonian democracy"


Mark Adams said...

As Obamerica sits on the sidelines, Iranian influence in Syria continues to mass murder freedom seekers.

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