29 April 2011

Video Tribute to the Glory and Might of the United States Air Force

Music by proud patriot Toby Kieth...

Interestingly, Mr. Kieth -a living Country legend- was pretty much assumed to be a pro-war conservative, largely due to his post-9/11 hit "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue". His father was a soldier, and Toby has long been a staunch supporter of our people in uniform... unapologetically patriotic, too.

But the former blue-collar oil rig worker had in the past described himself as a "conservative Democrat" that was "sometimes embarrassed for my party"-. And although he endorsed Bush for re-election in 2004, Keith also endorsed congressional Dems, was known as a friend of Bill Richardson, and once told a reporter that he "never did" support the Iraq war-- just the troops. 

He was then pretty vague in the last general election, saying a bunch of nice things about Obama, yet claiming McCain to be "a great option too"- on balance, it sounded a lot like he voted for Obama.

Alas, now it's beginning to appear that ole Toby has taken the same meandering path Ronald Reagan found himself upon in the 1950s, when he stated "I didn't leave the Democratic Party, it left me."- 

"Keith told CMT that he had left the Democratic Party and has re-registered as in independent. 

'My party that I've been affiliated with all these years doesn't stand for anything that I stand for anymore," he says. "They've lost any sensibility that they had, and they've allowed all the kooks in. So I'm going independent.' " 

He also said that next time he would likely vote for the Republican ticket, partially because of his admiration for Sarah Palin.

Yep... looks like they've gone and chased another Blue Dog right out of the yard. When you hear about cases like this, it's small wonder Obama's approval ratings are bouncing off new all-time-lows every week now- we've all had it up to here already.