17 April 2011

Why Get Angry with Trump for Doing the Heavy Lifting Lily-Livered Republicans Couldn't be Bothered With?

Isn't it kind of a loser mentality to get mad 
at someone for running circles around you 
while making everybody look incompetent...?

Hey, I'm not endorsing Donald Trump for president: pretty ruthless guy, I'd really have to think about it. Then there's having to endure four -or more- years of the ceaseless bragging, I dunno lol.

But I'm absolutely delighted to see somebody, anybody actively seeking some clarification on all Obama was inexplicably allowed to hide. I can't see why EVERY American wouldn't be happy to see it... who but a criminal, coward, or fool would fear the truth, anyway?.

Obviously, Trump wants something in return... and we all know what that is. You say you don't want Trump to pull this off... and ride the issue right to the White House? 

Maybe somebody -like the frickin GOP- should have got off their fat asses and done something a long, long time ago: blame THEM, not Trump for doing what Republicans and the Obammunist hacks of the MSM should have been doing the whole time... I'd hate to see Mitt muss up that hair of his.

Isn't it kind of a loser mentality to get mad at someone for running circles around you and making everybody look incompetent?

Of course it is: and most of today's GOP are losers... just look how they handled this budget mess. On the other hand, Donald Trump's a proven winner... and it shows. The presidency's right there for the taking for anyone willing to take on the unholy alliance of the MSM/Progs... who are basically just punks, sure don't know what these little Republican worms were ever afraid of in the first place.

GOOD FOR TRUMP if he wants to step up to the plate and endure the flak from both sides- I for one am delighted to have him spending his own money to uncover the harsh reality of this Trotskyite Trojan-Horse we went and stuck ourselves with... it's not Trump's fault if it gets him elected, in fact he'd deserve the prize at that point.

And the country? I guess we pretty much will have to take whatever a Trump presidency brings if he built an electoral victory from this... just like it's Americans' own fault for allowing Obama to get in at all: we failed in selecting Obama, and we failed as a nation to ensure he was even qualified! 

How many felt obligated to vote for Barack Obama in 2008 primarily to "prove they're not racist"-? 

Idiots- good thing Trump doesn't care what anybody thinks in the sort of way that weak-minded, insecure people do. And do you really think Trump would have jumped-in with both feet like this if he didn't already have some serious dirt on Barack Obama?

Stay tuned~ this is gonna be great.

Update: Trump and Allen West go over well at 
Saturday TEA Party rally in Florida -here-