18 May 2011

The Next Big Thing to Shake-Up the Race? Michele Bachmann... and HERE She Comes!

Darling of the TEA Party currently 'shopping consultants' 
with plans to make it official in the coming days...

photo: RedDog

With the Huckster out, Sarah Palin in a kind of holding pattern, and Newt firing-away at what's left of his foot, the rapidly-evolving GOP primary race has suddenly left social conservatives in all-important Iowa with precious little to look forward to:
so why wouldn't ambitious, comprehensively-conservative 

Michele Bachmann run in the primaries now? 

After all, she was born in Iowa... and they love her:

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite and something of a surrogate for Sarah Palin, is getting ready to jump into the presidential contest. 

Her advisers put out the word on Monday that a run was “very likely” and a D.C.-based consultant tells Power Play that Bachmann associates have been shopping for services. 
“This is now beyond speculation. They are doing this,” the consultant said.

Conversely, fellow Minnesotan Tim Pawlenty's aspirations could be laid into an early grave there... because if T-paw gets trounced in that conservative, neighboring state he's finished. 

A competitive Bachmann would be likely to keep Sarah on the sidelines, then even throwing her 2012 support to Bachmann... at which point we would have a dynamic alternative to Romney for both social and fiscal conservatives in a way I just don't see a Cain or Santorum as capable of becoming.

Bachmann's got more star power/sizzle somehow, her personality is dynamite and she looks and sounds great on TV. But this hero of the TEA Party movement is also is skilled at the kind of blunt, direct political offensives that quickly drove support for Trump into double-digits... those votes are now there-for-the-taking for a stand-up gal like Michele. And there are very practical reasons to believe she would do well in the early primaries... but I guess we'll know soon enough.

Voting for the first time (at the age of 20) for Jimmy Carter in 1976, the then-Michele Amble was naturally disappointed with the result, but in her case so much so that she later volunteered to work on Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign...
she's been a true-blue Reaganite conservative ever since. 

Rep Bachmann appears to me the principled, charismatic type of fighter we need to win in 2012... but one who also possesses a rare potential to provide Reaganesque leadership that sets an example, thereby convincing youth in this country -of all stripes- to follow her in a direction that rejects American decline and smiley-face socialism while learning to understand, appreciate, and utilize the things that made this country great in the first place- much as The Gipper did for her generation in the 80s.

Michele Bachmann has taken a strong stand against gay marriage, and fervently pro-life. The Minnesota tax attorney has been married for over thirty years to husband Marcus Bachmann, and together they've raised 23 foster children in addition to their own five.

As head of the House TEA Party Caucus, Michele Bachmann was one of the 59 GOPers in the House that bravely voted against the Boehner-Reid-Obama budget 'deal'... and it's already become glaringly obvious just how right she was on that one.

photo: Wikipedia

Bachmann also opposed both versions of the Wall St bailouts... has long called global warming hysteria "a hoax" perpetrated by the Left... and is among ObamaCare's worst enemies, unceasingly dedicated to it's destruction. 

She supports increased domestic drilling of oil and natural gas, as well as pursuing renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar. But Michele Bachman is also among the strongest supporters of nuclear power on the Hill.

And while Rep Bachmann does not possess the degree of executive experience I would prefer to see in a candidate for the Oval Office, she is certainly ambitious, organized, and professional in her political, religious, and family life- seemingly qualified for some sort of honorary management degree with an impressive record of responsibility, bottom-line competence, and achievement that stands for all to see.

In a 2012 Republican field thin on foreign policy credentials, the Congresswoman from Minnesota stacks-up better than most: Bachmann currently sits on the House's Permanent Select Committee on Foreign Intelligence... congressional overseers for all US intelligence operations, inc. the CIA (saw the Bin Laden photos, etc). She is well-briefed on the ME and War on Terror, traveling in congressional foreign-policy delegations to Iraq, Kuwait, Germany, Ireland, and Pakistan.

AND, as for my own 'hot button' issue of putting an overdue lid on Iran's serial shenanigans...? 

Michelle Bachmann is on the record as harshly critical of the Obama administration's policy there, acusing them of dozing while the nuclear weapons program marches forward AND completely blowing a glimmering opportunity to influence regime change in 2009 Tehran.

Instead, we stood back and let Ahmedinijad slaughter placard-toting teens in the streets so they can continue to build rockets and point them at us. She stated that all options -including a nuclear stike- should remain on the table in dealing with Tehran... while she's among Israel's staunchest supporters in Congress.

Here is Rep Bachmann speaking on the Obama Administration's myriad failures in Iran. She appeared at the invitation of Freedom Watch/National Press Club last November, and is introduced at [9:30]:

"How long will our current administration ignore 
the in-our-face preview of what is to come...?"

Looks like she's running... and definitely worth a look.