03 May 2011

Poll: 'NO Bin Laden Bounce' for Obama

 "Definitely NO election bounce for Barack Obama"

While some libs waxed delirious over the political value of yesterday's big news with "just cancel the (2012) election now", a 10%+ poll bounce, etc., it did bear the unmistakable stench of wishful groupthink...

Political analyst Alastair Newton in London was one of the few contrarians out there, noting that not only did the market rally have no legs, the unpopular, far-Left domestic agenda dragging down Obama's approval rating for months won't be forgotten anytime soon... 

“The immediate reaction in the US notwithstanding, 'normal business' will soon be resumed in US politics.

There will be no change on the fiscal/debt polarization and contrary to some commentators' reaction, definitely no election boost for Obama,” said Newton in an interview with CNBC on Tuesday.

With little or no operational control over al-Qaeda in recent years, Newton believes Osama’s death will have little impact on the terror group’s ability to mount attacks.

“Bin Laden’s role as head of al-Qaeda seems to have been largely symbolic for some years now, he was not responsible for operational planning and decision-making,” he added.

Alas, today's Rasmussen poll shows not even that expected immediate bounce, as the Bolshevik Boy Wonder's Presidential Approval Index (strongly approve minus strongly dissapprove) is still languishing at a sub-mediocre -10%

Contrasted with a number of -12% yesterday, (a change well within the margin for error)... I guess that astroturf flash-mob of 20-somethings they had in front of the White House didn't fool anybody.