03 May 2011

So GEORGE W BUSH WAS RIGHT all-along... and Barack Obama 100% DEAD WRONG

Obama in 2009: "Now- I know some have argued that
brutal methods like waterboarding were necessary to
keep this country safe... but I could not disagree more"

who we ought to be thanking

Fact 1Waterboarding found Bin Laden

Fact 2: The interrogation took place at Gitmo

Fact 3Obama banned waterboarding in 2009...  
then issued an Executive Order to close Gitmo!

Who in their right mind would give even one quark of credit for enabling the American intelligence services to succeed in dispatching Osama Bin Laden to this sanctimonious strategic moron Barack Obama?

He's opposed almost everything that enabled the CIA/Pentagon to ever even get close to Bin Laden... and right from the first minute he opened his droning word-hole on the Senate floor.

In 2007, candidate Obama schooled us less-informed types with "Waterboarding is torture"... then this one takes the cake: "Torture is not how you get good intelligence"(!)

Slow-Joe Biden -a dangerous fool consistently on the wrong side of history for over thirty years- had claimed on the Sunday talk shows just last year: 

"Waterboarding is not effective... it does not work."

Remember what Hopenchange sounded like back in the days?

"First, I can say without exception or equivocation,
the United States will not torture."

"Second, we will close the
Guantanamo Bay prison camp..."

But consider for a minute that Obama may not have wanted to even catch Bin Laden, or at least preferred to wait until closer to the election so the undeserved poll bounce won't dissipate too soon... why think that?  

Seems WikiLeaks may have forced his hand... their most recent doc dump mentioned the "trusted" Bin Laden courier and Abottabad specifically...

Now say it all together, people... BUSH WAS RIGHT

That wasn't so hard, was it lol

Then check out the hardcore patriot finally getting to
shave off 
his "Bin Laden beard"... gotta love this guy.

The Daily Mail (UK) Gateway Pundit Washington Post  
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Randy-g said...

I will say it loud and proud, Bush and Cheney were right!!!

Mark Adams said...

But RR, we knew Bush and Cheney were right all along. It's the left that didn't get it. :)

Reaganite Republican said...

Agreed in full, my brothers

EXCEPT it's not just the Left... the Libertarian wing of our own party did not (and does not) adequately support a number of Bush-era military objectives vital to US security interests in my view

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

With Obama in the Oval Office in 2007 there would have been no Gitmo, and today no dead bin Laden. Great quotes RR. Linked at my place.

Reaganite Republican said...

Thank you kindly, Ma'am

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

RR, that photo is a classic !

Reaganite Republican said...

Note- Rumsfeld said yesterday that the interrogations that led to OBL were conducted overseas (likely in secret CIA prisons)

philip said...

this is the dumbest shit i've seen,,,, keep up the good work tea baggers.... go trump !!!!

Milton Wolf said...

My latest in the Washington Times:

WOLF: Obama got bin Laden just like Nixon reached the moon
It would take one giant leap for mankind to ignore our true visionaries


I am enormously grateful to President Bush.

Spectre said...

There's nothing sweeter than vindication.

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