23 May 2011

World's Only 'Brand-New', 100% Original 1950 Chevrolet Coupe!

Legend has it that a Modesto, California couple purchased the car in 1950, only for the wife to be widowed shortly thereafter when her husband died trying to save a drowning woman. The distraught lady placed the sleek Chevy in storage for 12 years, but later traded it for a new 1962 Rambler ($1650) from a nearby dealer: he recently sold the same car for $60,000.

And surely worth it, the car dealer decided from the start to preserve it, so he barely took it out of the garage for 45 years... thus the all-original mint condition and an odometer reading a mere 437 original miles (!)

What a beautiful example...  my dad's first car was a '51 Chevy:

Gracias, Roberto~