01 June 2011

Moroccan 'Loverboy' Pimps Exploiting Underage Dutch Girls for Fun and Profit in The Netherlands

Lured into a dominating relationship, the 
young teen victims are then rented out
Even liberal Radio Netherlands reports that some Dutch towns are completely inundated with these predatory vermin...

Loverboys are young men who befriend vulnerable girls, woo them into a sexual relationship, then coerce them into having sex with other men in exchange for financial and other rewards. Which the loverboys keep for themselves.
But young people in the town and Anita de Wit of StopLoverboys.nu say the problem is far from new to Veenendaal.
One loverboy victim claims that at least 30 girls between the ages of 12 and 18 have been ‘recruited’ by a gang of these youths, according to free daily Spits. The police have also received alarming reports about the scale of the loverboy network in the area, the paper adds.
Anita de Wit hopes the local authorities will now take real action to tackle the problem. If not, she says, “I’ll be knocking on their door again. The lid has to come off this cesspit.”
Young people in Veenendaal told Spits that loverboys approach their potential victims in person on the streets, near schools for example. They also use social networking websites, where they may first make contact by ‘liking’ a young girl’s photo.
One 15-year-old says her parents have banned her from cycling to school because of the loverboy threat. But travelling by bus hasn’t proved to be a much safer alternative: “They spend more time hanging around the bus stop than they do waiting next to the bike tunnel.”

And although this SkyNews clip carefully avoids the nationalities of the cruel, violent pimps as well as of the victims, the fact is that loverboys in Holland are of largely of Morrocan or Turkish origin, and similar to the UK's Pakistani gangs that kidnap primarily white English girls for violent orgies/prostitution. As for The Netherlands, a recent study of Loverboy crimes had 50 Dutch girls abused along with one lone Moroccan teen.

The pimps are skilled at finding the right victims (low self esteem/broken home), playing to teenage rebellion/insecurities, guilt-tripping with "all white people are racist", etc., then getting them into hard drugs while cutting-off friends, family, and school. And when charm no longer works, the Loverboys resort disfiguring attacks and/or gang-rape to enforce their control over the then-trapped teen... 

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