06 July 2011

Bachmann Drawing Largest Crowds of Any 2012 Republican Candidate in Iowa While Pounding Obama Like a Punching Bag (video)

"They (the American Left) want you to think the TEA Party is made up of toothless hillbillies, coming down out-of-the-hills wearing red, white, and blue... but the fact is:
they should be afraid of the TEA Party!"

Ryan Rhodes: "I think it will be very,  
very hard to beat Michele Bachmann in Iowa."

And anybody up for a rockin' Bachmann Iowa tour video?
This is pretty cool- and well done:

Then a little bit of Rep Bachmann on the stump in Iowa: 
"I'll guarantee you one thing- I will lead from the front."

After seeing her in action, even Fox's house lib Juan Williams seems impressed: "Do you get the sense that
Michele Bachmann is under attack in the press?  

I do... and she's winning."

Meanwhile, T-Paw says he doesn't really need to win in Iowa, even though he's clearly dead meat if he doesn't... and everybody knows it.