25 August 2011

Cheney Exposes Unprincipled Obama Pumper Colin Powell for What He Is

Book "will make (DC) heads explode"

This bit from an exclusive Drudge peek...

"Cheney excoriates Colin Powell for standing by silently, knowing that his deputy Richard Armitage was responsible for leaking Valerie Plame's identity to the press." 

He's always been an odd duck, this Colin Powell... hard to see what makes him tick, and this certainly raises a few questions regarding the man's character.

I always thought it was race or something -as it was for many in 2008- but perhaps nominal 'Republican' Powell had other reasons for endorsing and continuing to make excuses for Obama's serial mismanagement of this country... i.e. guilty conscience and/or fretting about his own legacy- not to mention a (heavily politicized) Justice Department.