26 August 2011

Hot Romanian Chicks II: Elena Gheorghe

Elena Gheorghe (pron. eˈle.na ˈɡe̯orɡe) is a 26-year-old pop singer of both Macedonian-Aromanian and Romanian descent... many of her ancestors were actually Orthodox priests. Mother Mărioara Gheorghe is a folk artist in Romania herself, and young Elena took to singing quickly- soon to appear live onstage alongside her at the tender age of 3.

Launching her own career at age 18 with Latin-themed music, by '09 she was a Eurovision finalist and part of a wave of new Romanian house/pop bands making headway in export markets. Elena Gheorghe is currently best known for the Romanian #1 hit that's garnished lots of airplay elsewhere- 'Disco Romancing' (below)... good lookin' gal too, boy:

And even if her current disco/RnB style isn't your thing, for me it's inspiring to see colorful and upbeat acts emanating from such a gray, hard-luck corner of the globe... instead of feeling sorry for themselves, look what a good attitude can bring you (being gorgeous with a good voice doesn't hurt either, eh). 

Elena Gheorghe sings well in English and is clearly a gifted live performer- hard to imagine her not making a big splash in the West as she's already done in eastern Europe, Russia, and the Baltics... and anybody driving a '59 Chevy in Romania is OK with me!