19 August 2011

Support Your Local 'Plant-a-Pig'!

Think globally- act locally

According to legend, resourceful citizens in Seville, Spain found a neat way to terminate the construction of yet another unwanted mosque in their town: they simply buried a pig on the site while ensuring that this fact was known to the local press...

Chisled-in-stone Islamic rules forbade the erecting of a Mosque on "pig soiled ground"- therefore the Muslim backers were obligated to cancel construction. The land was originally sold to them (against the will of locals) by government officials... sounds like something you'd get from Grand Dhimmi Bloomberg, eh.

But in halting the project, no protests were needed... 
no government/bureaucratic intervention... no violence... 
no ill-advised buy-outs or land-swaps at taxpayer expense... 
and it worked.

Thus was born the Plant-a-Pig program:

As many of you know, in Texas and throughout the American SE there exists an overabundance of crop-eating feral hogs. What we're talking about here is relocating them all across the country... then just deep-six one everywhere a mosque is being planned (naturally reserving a couple extra truckloads for Detroit).

Concerned patriots have also noted that a few piles of strategically-placed pork might help to stem the tide of Jihadis crossing our southern borders (while other invaders might then attempt to buy us off with a plate of homemade tamales- 
that would be cool, I love those things lol.)

Brought to you by the
Porcine Committee for the Betterment of America (PCBA)

h/t Speedunque