18 August 2011

When Immigration's the Issue, Michele Bachmann's the Only Real Conservative

In grading the 2012 GOP field, none but her and 
Cain even manage a passing grade... it's sad

This from an organization that promotes 
common-sense immigration policy, NumbersUSA:

"Rep. Bachmann earns an Excellent rating because her actions and statements have clearly opposed mass legalizations and have been recent."

Herman Cain:   C- 

Mitt Romney: D
Sarah Palin:  D

 Rick Perry:  D-
Jon Huntsman:  D- 
Newt Gingrich:  D-

Ron Paul:   F
Gary Johnson:   F
Rick Santorum:   F

Of course we all know were the other side stands: can't get any lower from the viewpoint of those patriots who demand our borders and laws be respected...

Barack Obama   F-

More here, inc. a useful scorecard that spells it out with links to each candidates positions, statements, proposals, and platforms re. legal and illegal immigration.
Michele Bachmann on immigration
Chalk up yet another issue Michele Bachmann owns... just sayin.


Randy-g said...

By all rights Michelle should be our pick, but unless something strange happens it will be Perry, who is far from perfect but still will be a great choice. Just my oppinion.

Reaganite Republican said...

Immigration his key weak point, judging by his record

Texan1 said...

NumbersUSA isn't exactly common sense, they are more of an extreme, hard liner on the issue wanting to eliminate not only illegal immigration but also all legal immigration. Their goals at their founding were population control for the environment and that included promoting abortion as a population control method. I would suggest reading up on them in their own words- http://www.numbersusa.com/PDFs/Retreat2.pdf

Reaganite Republican said...

Bachmann has always been resolute and led from the front on this issue- hard to top her on this one imho

Amusing Bunni said...

We need a Prez like Bachmann, who is against illegals.
But, like Randy said, it looks like Perry is going to be the nominee.

At least he doesn't back down from the stupid stuff barry says.
I'd give that bus drives a Z triple minus, BTW.

Reaganite Republican said...

Well, my thoughts is there are three debates scheduled next month... let's see how the polls look after those

I am open minded to Perry but leaning Bachmann at this point... and if he got the nomination he'd be nuts not to ask her on as VP imho

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm where you are RR. I'm a Bachmann fan, but I'm open to Perry. Out here in la la land, our primary is so late the winner is usually already picked. That's how I got stuck with McCain last time as a choice ... YUK!

Reaganite Republican said...

Yeah, I spent quite a few years out there myself, and can recall that helpless feeling

BUT nowadays you are influential at least thru your website- that's where your power lies

conservativesonfire said...

I'm curious, I haven't heard Palin say anything supportive of the illegal immigrants. Do you have some information you could share?

Trestin said...

She is my second choice.
How did perry rate so high after his push for the NAFTA highway?

Matt said...

We have to remember that Bachmann is a lawyer. They have a tendency to say what they need to say to win.

Reaganite Republican said...

Read the link, Conservativesonfire

She hasn't taken a stand on some of the more contentious issues- thus the weak rating

Bachmann on the other hand has been fighting tooth-and-nail

Anonymous said...

You right wingnuts crack me up- immigration is losing issue for you guys and eventually amnesty will be granted in the near future. That and other social issues you hold near and dear. It will happen with the help of 'neocons' and folks like McCain/GWB/Rick Perry and conservatives that have no choice accept the inevitable. This isssue is like terminal illness, eventually you will have to accept and move on. Conservatives will eventually exists in enclaves and accept defeat. California tried and failed- this is a losing propostion. It will not matter who is elected... America doesn't have the fortitude to enforce laws/deport immigrants in this country who are here illegally.. Period.

Reaganite Republican said...

Blow me

1389 said...

Are you the same "Reaganite" who used to post on the now-infamous LGF?

I was banned from there in 2007, and all my comments were deleted, which is, of course, a badge of honor.

Besides my own blog, I'm blogging at http://www.theblogmocracy.com - which is a team blog. I'm not an admin, but I'm one of the contributors. Lots of the old gang from LGF are there. If you'd like to comment there, you'll need to register, but registration is open and takes just a minute. Hope to see you there!

Baloo said...

Disappointing about Ron Paul, who, I thought, was the only candidate who has advocated getting rid of birthright citizenship. But whatever the case, it's clear that Rick Perry is HORRIBLE on immigration:

Reaganite Republican said...

Thanks for dropping by, Balloo- as you know, I'm a fan

As for the birthright issue... Bachmann was rated well for speaking out against that at the link above, a compenent of her high grade actually

Only excuse I could think for with Perry was that his free-trade stance and large Hispanic population in TX had him Left of where he'd lead nationally... hope it's not wishful thinking, cuz I would take Perry over Mittens if that's the choice

Reaganite Republican said...


I've never posted at LGF, he became a pariah shortly after I began blogging three years ago. I did get traffic from people posting my links there, but I never had an account myself

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