18 August 2011

When Immigration's the Issue, Michele Bachmann's the Only Real Conservative

In grading the 2012 GOP field, none but her and 
Cain even manage a passing grade... it's sad

This from an organization that promotes 
common-sense immigration policy, NumbersUSA:

"Rep. Bachmann earns an Excellent rating because her actions and statements have clearly opposed mass legalizations and have been recent."

Herman Cain:   C- 

Mitt Romney: D
Sarah Palin:  D

 Rick Perry:  D-
Jon Huntsman:  D- 
Newt Gingrich:  D-

Ron Paul:   F
Gary Johnson:   F
Rick Santorum:   F

Of course we all know were the other side stands: can't get any lower from the viewpoint of those patriots who demand our borders and laws be respected...

Barack Obama   F-

More here, inc. a useful scorecard that spells it out with links to each candidates positions, statements, proposals, and platforms re. legal and illegal immigration.
Michele Bachmann on immigration
Chalk up yet another issue Michele Bachmann owns... just sayin.