15 September 2011

Fresh 'Attack Watch' Fodder for
Sniveling Prog Snitchweasels . . .

Barack Obama = Stalinist p.o.s.

I doubt even Putin would bother with such online 
tattle-tale games... and he's a former spy

Seems one should expect the worst from this crumbling-yet-utterly-shameless administration as the walls close in over the next few months, what with hopenchange in it's death throes and all... pretty much anything they can get away with. But the new 'AttackWatch' snitch-site is just the latest in a series of unsettling commie-style denouncement schemes to emanate from Team Obama (Fight the Smears.com, Flag.gov) . What's next- are we all going to get a quota?

Now that there's talk of primary challenges from a rebellious DNC establishment (oxymoron?) -while Jewish voters abandon the Democrats in droves, Hispanic support dips below 50% for the first time ever, and a weakened Dear Leader struggles to maintain support even within the black community- maybe somebody ought to explain to way-out-of-touch Obama that 'snitches' aren't exactly held in the highest esteem down in the 'hood. Apparently it will be a rump-base of angry white radicals/geeks, union palookas, and gay marriage advocates doing the lion's share of the tattling, then.

So turn me in you petty little worms- if that's what you're into. As for what thinking persons might make of such Orwellian maneuvering, the AttackWatch symbol (who's idea was it to go with the Nazi color scheme???) and website were an instant laughing stock on Twitter.

Did they really think this out...?

And what are the Kommie Krew planning to do with the denouncement list, pray tell? I know something they can do with it, if they're open to suggestions (and insertions lol). 

The new Obama website (no link: AttackWatch.com) established for this wholly un-American political intimidation process utilizes standard-issue Obammunist code language in describing it's mission, i.e. "fight the smears" and "get the truth" (the truth according to what an eternally self-serving serial prevaricator and his defenders purport it to be, anyway).

And hey look, they're even running a TV commercial...

Obama won't be happy until he's divided us every which way he and his henchmen can devise.  They'll leave this country in ashes if we allow it... socially, economically, and morally. Typical narcissist- in their warped mind, the country simply isn't worthy of going on without them... Hitler, Pol Pot, Napoleon, Obama- think about it. 

Trouble for this one is, he may no longer control the critical mass of supporters necessary to smother the voice of the majority -as he had initially- as lo-and-behold even the Left is beginning to wise-up to Obama. Seems not so many people left in this country willing to hook-up their wagon to this snarling, arrogant failure of a president anymore... a fact that's been hard to hide in the wake of patriot Bob Turner's big win in NY-9 this week.


Adrienne said...

You deserve some sort of award for that title. Sniveling Prog Snitchweasels? Perfect!

He has turned the office of the presidency of this country into a laughing stock of not only us, but the entire world. Once again he's selling chances to win a dinner with him and the Mooch for $5.00. Arrrgh!

I said many, many months ago that he was cracking up and lately other people are saying it too. He's going to have a "Captain Queeg" moment - and soon!

Reaganite Republican said...

Early-morning caffeine fueled inspiration... so exhilarating lol

And a dinner raffle! lol, how pathetic is that

Libertarian Advocate said...

The attackwatch concept is utterly surreal. Who in their right mind would come up with something like that? Almost seems as if Bama has a deep penetration agent in his op committed to making him look ridiculous.

Reaganite Republican said...

Kim Jon Il wannabe, I reckon

He really is a kook, man

joetote said...

wouldn't it be easier if I just gave him the name of my site and left it at that? I for one don't give a rat's ass what he and his commie friends think anyway! Seriously, these clowns need snitches to relate to them something that is openly available in this day and age? Insane!!!!

Reaganite Republican said...

I think we both been on "The List" for some time, Joe lol

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