14 September 2011

Way-to-Go Bob Turner: Weiner's NY-9 Congressional Seat Goes REPUBLICAN for the First Time in 90 Years!

The NY Post even wrote today that the heavily Democratic 
NY-9 district has never sent a Republican to the House...

In what will come as a hideous shock to an ever-more-embattled White House, citizen-patriot Bob Turner -a retired businessman and political novice- has pulled off what could be called the 'upset of the century' in defeating NY Assemblyman Dave Weprin in yesterday's special election... alas, it's been more that one century that this seat has been all-but owned by the Democratic Party.

Another pimp-slap for the loathsome Obama regime: the Dems spent heavily and still had their butts handed to them by an underfunded amateur in a 3-to-1 Democratic district! What does that tell you about 2012...
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Everybody's already calling Bob Turner's big win a "rebuke" of the Obama Administration, and of course it is: particularly the maniacal deficit spending and Obama's shameful treatment of Israel. Yet Turner's business sense surely had an appeal, offering bottom-line competence that's sorely needed on Capitol Hill these days. The NY Post described the atmosphere amongst voters yesterday as primarily "angry" (we relate).

Turner was strongly endorsed by Trump, Rudy Giuliani... even former Democratic NY mayor Ed Koch. Assemblyman Weprin's vote in support of gay marriage in NY did nothing to endear him to NY-9's culturally-conservative Orthodox Jews, either -even while one himself- whereas Bob Turner -a 70 yr old Catholic- is a man perhaps more likely to hear their concerns.

That Ground Zero Mosque came up a lot in this special-election campaign too- how bout that. Don't forget, Weiner had delivered monotonous diatribes in defense of this very, very bad idea... doesn't sound like many New Yorkers where buying into it.
You listening, Michael Bloomburg?

NO SEAT is safe in 2012, libs... we're coming to get you!

Congratulations to Mr Bob Turner -soon to be Rep. Bob Turner (R NY-9):  If I were you, sir,  I'd clean that Weiner room with bleach (esp. under the desk)... just sayin'.

And hey Anthony- nice job jerky, but no worries: I'm sure history will treat you kindly for losing this ultra-safe Blue seat by sending naughty pics to little girls... ha ha ha loser

This one's for YOU, Dems:

[Note: this post updated 7:45am EDT due to NY Post error]

Stacy McCain and Smitty were covering it all live last night 
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Update: what really scares the Dems about NY-9...