13 September 2011

Barry the Flake

Forget the MSM narrative- 
I've got socks smarter than this guy:

h/t Kirby


Adrienne said...

he's an arrogant fool...

Madhat said...

I vote RR's socks for president, after all, socks don't spend tax dollars!

Proof said...

Not only do you have socks smarter than that guy, but they are darned less often, too!

Reaganite Republican said...

What if Bush had said all this idiotic stuff, got lost in the middle of speeches like that... can you imagine?

Clueless pot-head!

Anonymous said...

Did your socks a highly known college?
Did your socks graduate from any schools?
Did your socks ever teach a class?
of course your socks are smarter than someone with an actual brain. that shows how pathetic you are.

Reaganite Republican said...

Obama went to the "highly known" colleges as an affirmative-action mooch... must not have learned much, he can't even write.

His grades are hidden behind a veil of secrecy, unlike any previous president... and more than one person at the University of Chicago has sworn Obama was never a real teacher there, only enough to make the claim (a deal set up by Uncle Bill?).

How are we supposed to know Obama's actually intelligent as the Left/MSM narrative says he is... when he hides ALL the evidence?

I say he's an idiot... or a mediocre incompetent, at best!

And that's what his record of 'performance' is screaming too, for those willing to listen anyway.

Enjoy the political wilderness for the next decade or two, prog- you deserve it

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