02 September 2011

Evidence Mounts that Gaddafi Lied About Losing Daughter in Reagan's '86 Air Attack

Libyan rebels reveal that Brotherly Leader not only 
faked the death, but hid her from the West for
25 years purely for propaganda value (!)

Nelson Mandela introduces the Gaddafi family to reporters
at his residence in 1999
(Obed Zilwa/AP/File)

When President Ronald Reagan bombed Tripoli over Libyan involvement (via the DDR) in the April 5th 1986 terrorist attack on West Berlin's LaBelle discotheque (one frequented by US soldiers), Col. Gaddafi claimed to have lost an infant daughter -Hana Gaddafi- as even his own personal Bedouin tent at the Bab al-Azizia compound was lit-up in the swift retribution...

photo: Smithsonian

Taking into account the man's Machiavellian tendencies, cynics noted at the time the Libyan dictator was not above adopting such a girl posthumously- primarily to manipulate appeasement enthusiasts in Europe and the US who were not keen on Reagan's unilateral military response. In fact, Gaddafi only survived the the American onslaught himself because treacherous far-Left Italian PM Bettino Craxi warned him of a pending attack moments before the bombs fell.

Gaddafi got all he could out of the morbid tale, exploting the "murdered" child as a political prop ever since- much as he has Italian colonial atrocities. He even preserved the bombed-out building in Tripoli as a monument to 15-mo. old 'martyr' Hana, erecting a now-toppled sculpture of a defiant Libyan fist crushing a US warplane at the site (although I'm pretty sure nothing like that ever happened lol).

The legend of Hana Gaddafi was basically accepted as historical record by most in the west: alas, today -twenty-five years later- some MSM hacks who have dedicated much of their wretched life to bashing Reagan (like Andrea Mitchell) are actually still peddling Gaddafi's dubious version of events, this despite the fact that information coming in the wake of regime's collapse is making it clearer by the day that that daughter survived the 1986 bombing just fine.  

Evidence gathered from one of the Gaddafi family homes this week include a birth certificate and documents in a bedroom appearing to belong to the now-grown woman. They indicate that a Dr Hana Gaddafi worked as a surgeon, married with children and living in Tripoli up until last week. Contemporaries of that person interviewed in recent days at the medical center described her as "nervous" ever since the uprising began, and even actively discouraged others from providing emergency room aid to anti-Gaddafi rebels.

And while it is common to name a new child after a deceased infant in Arab cultures, most in Libya are now saying everyone knew the death was a fraud all-along, even as the country went on to hold a farcical, government-sponsored "Hana 20" peace-n-love festival. Rumors also abound that the existence of Hana Gaddafi was a poorly-guarded secret in international diplomatic circles, and she may even have lived in London for a spell in her youth...


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Well of course he'd lie about anything

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